Is this the real life...

I seem to have skipped an entire season without a single post. If you followed my Facebook page, you will know that I would sometimes surface with a status update or the photo, but still with nothing huge like a review or a post. 

The main reason was for it was that I actually spent months not wearing makeup, not buying anything new, and not even playing with make-up at home. Then, in a small amount of time, I rekindled my love for little things that make life more interesting and updated my stash a bit. Still, I hadn't really felt like a beauty blogger that has something to add to the community (that is to say, I hadn't considered myself a beauty blogger at all), and planned to let my blog fade into oblivion. 

Main turning point was Breath of Color's simple yet amazing tutorial on photography that got me intrigued once more. I have all the equipment I need to satisfy my inner perfectionist that thinks that nothing on this blog is nearly as adequate enough to be called a blogpost, and just need to let go and start posting again. I now also have my own beauty corner that is not cluttered with computer or books or anything, and is near the window, so hopefully my photos will be a lot better.

For starters, here are some of my awful-quality front-camera selfies, as a cross-section of my LOTDs during these past few months (just so to make this post something more than just a block of whiny text).

Good night and happy Valentine's Day
(and by that I mean: happy Saturday, just like any other)

Lots of love,

P.S. - Happy 150th post to me =^.^=

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