This one is long overdue. As you all know, my birthday was on January 20th (the same day I graduated from my university), and I got so many great things that I have to share with you :)

First one is a heart pendant that I got from my boyfriends mom. I'm not much into blingy crystal jewelry, or heart shaped things for that matter, but this one is an exception :)

Wonder why?

Yes, that's right. This heart shaped pendant is a 2 GB USB flash drive. Isn't it cool?

I got these amazing books and Pictionary from my friends. I can't wait to start reading Hyperion.

My boyfriend and I officially suck at Pictionary, but we love to play it, it's so much fun :)

And this one is from my boyfriend. This one is officially THE BEST PRESENT EVAH ! ! !

It is an original Xbox but a Crystal Limited Edition (with essence Choose Me! on my nails, but Xbox is the star here :D )

I wanted an original Xbox for a very long time, because I wanted to experience some old games, like SW:KotOR (my favorite RPG) that just don't look right on Xbox 360.

It's so nice to see this grandpa among younglings (PS3 and X360) :D

What do you think, do I have the most amazing bf and friends, or what?
What is your best b-day present ever? I'd love to hear it :)

Wow, you guys are amazing! I've never dreamed I will gain so much followers (80 new followers and counting). I feel like I've created a monster :D I must confess, I'm a bit intimidated by so many people reading my ramblings. Because of that I will try to make my posts more interesting (or at least, less boring).

I'm now in search for my first real job, so I wanted to experiment with job-interview-appropriate eyeshadow. I was always a bright-color-non-matte-eyeshadow girl, so this is a whole new area for me. Luckily, e.l.f. 100 eyeshadow palette has some great matte brown shades that I used for this look. Also, I was inspired by Camille Saroyan's (Tamara Taylor) make-up in "Bones". Btw. I love Bones. When I grow up, I want to be Brennan :)

This is a bit plain and boring eye make-up, so I paired it with red lips. I used e.l.f. lip liner in Bitter and Catrice absolute moisture lipstick in Burgundy.

Sadly, this is the only focused close-up of my lips and doesn't represent colors as they were.

This one is more true to reality, but it's cropped and unfocused.

In the future I will use my other camera which will give better results picture quality wise.

Thank you for reading :)
I plan to do a post about my birthday gifts, a rant about Fable 3 and post some more eotds and notds that I have on backlog.

Once again, thank you all for entering my giveaway. I'm really grateful for so many readers :)


By the way, have you seen this? I love Felicia Day and I can't wait for Dragon Age II to finally be released. I believe I will lock myself in my room with enough food and water to last several days, exiting only for potty breaks :D

Any Dragon Age fans out there? :)

First of all, thank you so much for amazing birthday wishes, it was great!

This was the first birthday that I celebrated in a long time and it was a win. All of my closest friends showed up and we had a great time talking, playing Guitar Hero, eating a ton of food that I made (3 big cheesecakes for 10 people is a bit of a overkill, among other food), and I got some of the greatest presents ever :)

I will put the pictures of them in my next post, I really have to share it with you all.

This is my Saturday night make-up.

I really LOVE puting as much colors I can in my looks, and this one is no different. I'm only sad that Fyrinnae Dragonmagic doesn't photograph well. It's a beautiful dark green with green sparkles, but it is a bitch to photograph.

So instead of this blah outer v/crease color imagine green sparkly goodness and you'll know what I mean :D
Anastasia of Lipstick&Lightsabers swatched a whole pile of Fyrrinae and you can find Dragonmagic among others.

I don't use lipstick often, but I think that is going to change very soon. I discovered the most amazing lipsticks I've ever tried, and they are a bargain. Catrice absolute moisture lipsticks come in great range of colors, they condition lips very well and don't dry them out. I used Light purple (which is actually a hot pink) over a Soft fuchsia lip liner.


I don't like the look of my lips with lipstick, I look silly to myself.
What do you think, should I wear lipstick more often?
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So don't be a dick and steal them.
If you do, I hope a wrath of thousands burning demon suns rain upon you.
Have a great day.
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