Brush showdown: Sigma F60 vs. F80 (come for the review, stay for the giveaway)

Hello, guys :)

As you already know, I've been a Sigma affiliate for a few months now.
A rep for Sigma contacted me and asked me if I would like to be a Sigma affiliate and offered me the Sigma F80 for a review.
I was a bit skeptic at first, but I decided to go for it, and eventually got the F80.

The only foundation I use is Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry skin (150 Buff) and I used to apply it with Sigma F60. F60 is a part of Make me crazy kit, which I won at Nihrida's giveaway :)

Before I won the Make me crazy kit, I used to apply CS with my fingers or with a damp sponge. Considering my skin is dry, with very dry cheeks, these methods should be the best.  Maybe they are when using some other foundation, but with Revlon CS they were a terrible choice, at least for me.
When I was finished applying it, my skin would look like I'm wearing a mask, foundation layers were too thick and it felt awful.
I completely gave up on CS until a month-ish ago, when I was watching Lisa Eldridge's tutorial in which she said you could still use foundation brush if you have dry skin, but you should be careful every time to "swipe" in the same direction, from the middle to the outer parts of your face.
 I fell in love with CS+F60 because after I applied my foundation it looked really great. So great in fact, my boyfriend didn't even notice that I'm wearing any :D

But after I got F80...well, I've put everything in a chart below :D
(Your standard disclaimer: Sigma F80 brush was sent to me for a review by Sigma. All opinions are my own etc. )

Skin type: dry, very dry cheeks, with a slightly oily chin

Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry skin 150 Buff

It takes three times more foundation for the same level of coverage 

It leaves the brush lines which means you need to blend more which can irritate the skin and it takes more time to apply the foundation properly

The brush is flat and a bit rigid, so to propery blend foundation with the skin, you neek to press it more and "paint" with it

It doesn't absorb too much foundation, it's very easy to clean

It takes a small amount of foundation for good coverage

It gives flawless, almost airbrushed skin, it leaves no marks or foundation spots

The brush is very soft, it doesn't require you to press your skin more than necessary 

It doesn't absorb too much foundation, it's very easy to clean
After 4 hours of wear (no primer, no powder foundation)

Cheeks and forehead feel dry and a bit itchy

Dry areas on my cheeks are visible

Cheeks feel just a tad dry, but it isn't really noticeable 

Dry areas are not visible
Final verdict:

I believe this brush would be great for someone who doesn't have dry skin. I thought it was perfect before I tried F80.
As long as my F80 is in one piece, I don't intend to use F60.

F80 is soft and fluffy, and in the same time  really firm. You can use light round movements and still get your foundation buffed into your skin.
The result is a perfect airbrushed effect, not a single trace of foundation application is visible.
It felt like I don't even have my foundation on.

Fun fact:

After applying Revlon CS with both brushes, I asked my boyfriend to say what part of my face is more natural looking (without visible foundation) without him knowing what part of my face is done with which   brush. He picked the side done with F80, which makes it an ultimate winner in this showdown.

More pics of these brushes:

 And now onto the giveaway part :)
Sigma was kind enough to provide additional F80 for a giveaway. Say "Hello" to a nice Sigma :D

These are the rules:

- you must be a visible follower via Google Friend Connec (1 point)

For additional entries:

- add me to your blogroll (1 point
- add this giveaway to your blog sidebar or do a blog post and leave a link to your blog (1 point)
tweet about my giveaway and tag me (@NicCharlie) (1 point
- follow me on twitter (1 point)

Giveaway will end on 6.12.,which is St. Nicholas day (aka my name day :) ) at noon (GMT +1).

Giveaway is international, but please be advised that Sigma will ship the brush directly to the giveaway winner.
I guess that is all for now :)

All you have to do is to fill out this Google form:


Thank you for reading :*

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  1. krasno, hvala na darivanju :-D
    držim si fige, baš mi treba ovakav kist ;-)

  2. Sviđa mi se što si napravila usporedbu ovih dvaju kistova! Hvala na darivanju!

  3. Izgleda odlično ova četkica, zainteresirana sam sada za nju hehe :)) Morat ću i ja nabavit jednu :)

  4. Very informative, just what I was looking for! Thank you :)


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