essence Skyscraper

We interrupt our scheduled Halloween programming (yes, I know Halloween was Monday, but I have at least one more look to post, and I'd like you to pretend it's still interesting :D ) to show you this beauty:

I present you essence Skyscraper, a part of Urban messages TE.

If I had to describe Scyscraper in two words, they would be "dirty white". It's a light grey/muted white base with tiny  finely milled specks of brown something. I planned to write "shimmer" or "glitter" but it just feels so wrong :D
It's almost as if you were making a franken using a white nail polish and a small amount of pure dirt. It also contains almost invisible blue glass flecks which combined with "dirt" give this polish a perfect "pure stone" look. 

This was a first time in my life I really admired my nails. They are soooo long in this picture :)
I used to bite my nails as a kid, and I have a very fragile nails, they tend to break as soon they grow past my nail bed.
I will make a post about my nail routine, if anyone is interested :) 

In this last photo you can really see all the components of this nail polish. 
Skyscraper is surely the nail polish I will often reach for in the future.

Thank you for reading,

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  1. I ja baš gledam fotke i divim se noktima, i onda pročitam da se i tebi sviđaju :)
    Mnogo su lijepi a ova boja ti suuper stoji!

  2. wow, brza si :D
    hvala ti puno :*
    imam komplekse na nokte, duuuuugo vremena su mi bili grozni pa sad uzivam dok mogu :D

  3. Predivna boja :D Na ovoj poslednjoj slici se vidi koliko je boja lepa, a da neko ne zna o cemu se radi, sigurno bi rekao da je neki zumiran kamen, boja je skroz kamena :)

  4. Jako su ti liepi nokti, a lak je zbilja prekrasan!

  5. May I ask how many coats this was?
    I'm thinking about sending DBF out shopping and can't check myself.

  6. Thank you, girls :)

    these were two coats, for perfect coverage :)
    if you find it, I recommend you buy it, as it's such an unique color :)

  7. Super je lak! :) Gledala sm aovo još neki dan, ali zaboravih ostavit komentar :)

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  9. stvarno je lijep lak, nisam očekivala da će me TOLIKO oduševit kad sam ga kupovala. meni trebaju tri sloja da dobijem boju i pokrivnost koju želim.


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