Week Of Halloween: The One That Wasn't Planned

Hello :)

Happy Halloween, everyone :)
I've planned to post just one more look, but then I liked the one that I have on right now, that I decided to post it here :)

I used Sugarpill Burning heart palette and fake blood I bought at Muller. It's pretty simple look, it took me 10 minutes to do it (5 of which were spent trying not to spray fake blood all over my face and clothes :D ).
I hope that you reaction to the aforementioned wasn't "It took her THAT long?!? It looks ridiculous, one could do it in 2 minutes." :D

I'm not going to any party, as my pooch is sick, but this didn't stop me from putting some make-up on :D
After I write this post, I'm going to play some Fallout 3:)
I already look like I survived an encounter with super mutant brutes :D

I forgot to mention, for the eye make-up, I took some water and smudged eyeshadow and mascara that I've had  since this morning on.

My boyfriend took these photos, and he was very uncomfortable with it because it looked to real to him, so I guess I did something right :D

Thank you for reading,

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  1. You're a gamer girl as well? Rock on! :)
    I play Dungeons and dragons online. :)
    The make up is perfect, I would totally rock it if I were going out. :)

  2. Thank you :)

    Yup, I'm a RPG addict :D
    ATM I'm playing Fallout 3 and have Witcher 2 on my backlog, and can't wait for Uncharted 3 and Assassin creed: Revelations :)

  3. Vidjela sam i na forumu, sviđa mi se :)

  4. Super je!! Meni bi trebalo vjerojatno više :)) I ja sam ajmo reći tip gamerice, ali ja igram League of legends :D:

  5. hvala, cure :)

    ja sam vise tip "zavalit se pred tv uz xbox i igrat dok se skoro pa ne onesvijestim od pospanosti" :D

  6. Hahaha :D:Dd Mene je dragi zarazio, on bi se igrao cijeli dan!! :)


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