Giveaway winner

I want to thank all of you for participating in my giveaway :)

97 people entered with total of 308 entries. I used to determine a winner and the result was number 18:

The lucky winner is:
jelena horvat
Congratulations :)

Jelena responded to my e-mail and I will ship her prize next week :)

I gained almost 100 new followers that I hope will stay even though giveaway has ended.
But don't worry, in a month or so, I plan to do a pre-Christmas holidays giveaway that I hope will be even more awesome than this was :D

And now, we return to our regular programming (promised pics of flakiefied Street styler :) )

Thank you,

PS - Green Day rock !

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  1. Congrats Jelena!

    And yay for the Dalek :)!

  2. čestitam dobitnici a tebi zahvaljujem na ovom darivanju ;-D

  3. Nema na cemu :D

    ako uspijem skupit dovoljno love, namjeravam inglot flejkice stavit kao nagradu u bozicnom giveaway-u, ali pšššššššššš, nemoj nikome rec ;D

  4. a joj tako blizu a tako daleko hehe :) čestitke pobjednici :D

  5. Cestitke pobednici, neka uziva u pokloncicu :)

  6. Lijepo je kad giveaway postigne svoju namjeru - što se tiče broja followera! :)
    Čestitke tebi a i dobitnici!

    čekamo nastavak flejkija :klopa:


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