essence Street Styler

Hello, girls :)

Were back to the good old NOTDs :D

Hair is going back to brown this Saturday, and that will officially be the end of the hair saga :)
I chose Country colors no. 65 which is supposed to be Chestnut brown, so I hope my hair will still have red sheen to it.

Now, back to the nail polish.

Žana , if you thought that red Catherine Arley nail polish was pain in the mikta to photograph, think again :D
essence Street styler (Urban messages TE)  is a gorgeous teal-ish nail polish with tiny glass-flecked silvery blue glitter, that simply cannot be photographed as is.

Sorry for the terrible cuticles, I took this pics after a whole day of house-cleaning :(

Now, this nail polish is much more green than my swatches, but what can you do :shrug:

Stay tuned tomorrow for flakiefied Street Styler :)

Thank you for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway, only two days left :)


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  1. It looks like beautiful blue colour, I just thought about blue polishes since I don't have any atm :/

  2. Hahaha, pain in the mikta :D

    Baš je lijep, čak mi se i taj shimmer sviđa :)

  3. lijepa bojica, sama nemam ništa iz ove kolekcije :-(
    eto, bar znam kako ti je i iskreno suosjećam s tobom ;-)
    jučer sam nosila marilynku i izludila sam pokušavajući ju slikat :-p
    sve minus za minusom :-(

  4. preslatka boja! sviđa mi se što shimmer nije pretjeran.


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