The red hair saga

Hello :)

Instead of editing the last post, I wanted to put all of the "my hair color" pics in one place :)

Remember this post here?
The end result was this:

It was a bit too dark for my liking so I did another soap-cap and got this:

Pretty cool color, but it was dull, considering it was essentially just a bleached hair it had no natural shine.

After dying my hair with Country colors no.45 Toscana Herbsrot, I got this:

I love how shiny my hair looks, and in the sun I look like orange on fire :D

Sadly, to keep this color, I would have to bleach my roots quite often, so I will dye my hair next week with the same hair-dye and that's it.
Bye-bye redhead clan...hello boring brunettes :(

On the brighter side, I will have more time to obsess over make-up and nail polish, and that means no more hair posts :D

Thank you for reading,

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  1. a da upotrijebiš malo jači hidrogen da izbjegneš blajkanje?
    meni je boja genijalna i potrudila bih se da je šta duže zadržim ;-D
    joj, još ćete me natirat da se vratim među crvenokose :-p

  2. Svi ste poludili sa crvenom u zadnje vrijeme, a to je bila moja prva boja u koju sam se ofarbala.. sad mi se vraća želja da opet budem crvena ali ne usudim se...

  3. ne znam sto cekate, crvena je najbolja boja kose ikad :D

    sad cu je malo pustit da se odmori i naraste, pa slijedece ljeto nazad u crveno :)
    bas sam maloprije gledala slike od proslog ljeta kad sam imala dugu kosu i sad mi nedostaje :(


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