Hello, this is me ;)

Hi, guys :)

I know it's been a long time since my last eotd post, but this summer is killing me, the only make-up thing I use is mascara because it's too damn hot.

But yesterday I wanted to do a full face make-up and, for the first time on this blog, show it to you :)
I'm a bit wary about posting my face on the interwebz, but to hell with it :D

For this look I used:
Click to enlarge

And now...




Don't run off screaming...




This is me incognito, with glasses Smiley

Soooo....that was me :D
I'm still thinking this one through, so if I remove these pics, you don't have to wonder what happened :D

Before I go, I have to share this awesome smiley with you 


Thank you for reading,

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  1. Ne trebaš brisat slike jer si prekrasna :)

    A smajlić na prvu nisam skužila, ali nakon 5 sek je bilo LOL.

  2. Koje okice :)
    Mnogo mi se sviđa.
    Nekad i mene spopadne paranoja oko slika lica...ali već je kasno za to :D

  3. Lepa si!

    A ta smajli je res LOL.

  4. ljepo i diskretno, i ja se mrzim mazat liti :-p
    ne trebaš brisat slike, dobra i pristojna si na njima ;-)
    wow, imaš i village people, svaka čast :-D

  5. Puno vam hvala, cure :)
    Malo mi je jos uvijek cudno kad se gledam ovako na blogu :D


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