Orange hair, red nail polish and chocolate muffins

Hello, guys :)

Thank you for entering my giveaway, and here's a hug for all of the new GFC and Twitter followers 

Sorry for radio silence, but I've been away for a few days, and I didn't take any new photos.
Yesterday, my postman brought me my INM fast dry top coat so finally I can do proper manicures.
In the meantime, I have a random stuff post for you today.

I promised my boyfriend that I will stop dying my hair, because I love Karen Gillan's hair color, but I thought that could never happen. And then I browsed I saw that one girl got the exactly the same shade as Amy Pond, by soap-capping and than dying her hair with Country colors no.45.

Guess what...I'm gingerish now 

 I don't have the after-dying-with-Country-colors photos, but I have those I snapped after soap-cap. Somehow I got really cool orange hair :D

Check it out:

Wet hair

It was a tad lighter than it is in the photos, though.

Now, this is what I wanted:

I will add the "after" pics tomorrow, since I haven't had enough daylight for proper shooting.

In the other news, for the second time in my life, I baked muffins.
First ones were supposed to be sour cherry muffins, but somehow they were mushy and ended up in the trash.

But the other ones....WOW...
Go to the Just cake the Cupcake blog and among all the other amazing recipes you will find the one for these EPIC Choco muffins.

They are so delicious, especially after some time in the fridge, when the chocolate hardens a bit :)

This nail polish right here is a perfect creme red. I'm in love with this one, seriously. I will make a proper swatch, but for now, check this one out :)

It's e.l.f. Light red nail polish.
It dries fast, has great coverage, and lasts up to 4 days without top coat, at least on my nails.

This is it for now, I can't wait to start playing with my Inglot flakies :)
And now I have my INM, I plan to swatch all the nail polishes I got while without fast drying top coat, and that means a ton of new shades :)

I also plan to do a giveaway with some of the Inglot flakies in the future, would you like that? :)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. I like it all! Especially the muffins!!

  2. joj, meni je kosa predobra, krasna nijansa :-D
    šta ćem, slaba sam na crvenokose ;-)
    a ne bih odbila ni koji muffin...
    vidiš, ja baš i nisam zadovoljna elf lakićima, imam dva i gotovo da nestaju dok samo gledam u nokte, ali drago mi je da tebi pašu :-)

  3. Boja je odlična, meni se baš sviđa! Ali ti muffini su ti totalno ukrali post :)

  4. Muffins rule :D

    ako ikad dogovorimo neki blogger meeting, donosim muffine ;)

    @nail crazy
    meni su jako dobri, cak razmisljam pokupovat sto vise boja, ali uvijek kad je free shipping nemam love :D


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