My favorite red nail polish

Hello, guys :)

First of all, feel free to enter my giveaway :D

Now after that shameless self-promotion I want to show you my favorite red nail polish.
Meet a nail polish with a very inovative name, MNY 265 ;)

It's a berry red shade that needs tree coats for full opacity, and is a perfect jelly infused with holographic glitter.
It's not packed with it, but it gives the jelly depth and makes it unique.

Look at this beauty :)
Every time I see my nails I think of sugar covered jelly candy.

Not a good quality pic, but you can see holo glitter better (click)

Click for hugification :)

The only sad part of all of this is that I used this one so much I managed to drain it completely.
It is a first nail polish I used to the max.
Good thing is that MNY is suppose to arrive to DM soon, so I will get the chance to stock up :)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. O, vau! Mislim, da prvič vidim prazno stekleničko laka O.o


  2. pa to znači da ti se stvarno sviđa :-)
    nemoj zezat da mny dolazi u dm, di si tu informaciju iskopala? bože daj ;-)

  3. Biba, i meni je ovo prva prazna u zivotu :D

    Nail crazy, prekrasan je, stavit cu kasnije i video da se ove holo sljokice bolje vide, drazi mi je cak i od Gosh holographic-a :D
    MNY bi trebao u listopadu doc u odredjene DMove, jedva cekam :)


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