I love the new essence products :)

I believe essence and Catrice are the only brands in Croatia whose new arrivals can make people go crazy with anticipation, sell out the moment they arrive, and keep people check the drugstore several times a day for restock.

Having said that, I was at the drugstore as soon I've heard at the forum that new essence had arrived :D

This one is my favorite of my haul, and my favorite nail polish I own. I actually feel more womanish and awesome wearing it. I love to paint my nails and than play Dragon Age, and as I'm currently playing a female mage, I can seriously imagine myself casting fireball or lightning bolt while sporting this nail polish :D

(Don't worry, I have a life....well...sort of... ;D)





I suck at describing colors, but I would definitely call this one crimson red with beautiful reddish/gold shimmer.

As for the nail care, I started using LUSH Lemony Flutter. I usually hate the citrus scent (I always think of the kitchen detergent), but the scent of Lemony Flutter is amazing, and it smells so edible :)
The scent was so familiar, it took me two days to remember what it is, and then it hit me: Kiki bonbons from Kraš. Even my dog likes the smell (and taste, apparently - I have to hide my hands under sheets for the fear Sam would lick Lemony flutter off :D ).

Another thing I started using is the glass nail file. I love it, it shortened my nails in 3 strokes.  I hope it will help me with my brittle nails.

How do you like new essence stuff? What's your favorite?
I will keep this one short, since I'm tired and as soon as I post this, I'll go to bed and watch some Stargate: SG-1 on my iPod :)

As you can see, I adore purple and green, and this one is by far my favorite green nail polish.

Here I managed to catch two fingers in shade and two in the sun.

How do you like it?
I believe there is never enough purple and green nail polish one can have in stash :D
When I find something I like, I become utterly obsessed with it.

The latest object of obsession is Rocky Horror Picture show. I can't believe it took me this long to actually watch the movie. I had it on my to-watch list forever, and I'm not ashamed to admit that Glee's "Rocky Horror Glee Show" inspired me to sit my forgetful ass on the couch and watch the musical.

First, I love Glee. It's not my usual kind of tv show I watch, but I love the singing, quirkiness, Sue Sylvester and the life lessons it teaches you. But one thing that got me hooked up to the show is Cory Monteith 
Well, what can I say...I love cute, tall guys 

Second, when I finally watched RCPS, it got me instantly hooked. It's been a week, and I've watched it 5 times, already. I listen to soundtrack throughout the day, and I even did a Frank-N-Furter FOTD.
I love the style, the songs, the cast, and I adore Tim Curry. He's perfect for the role.

I'm totally not weird 

If you're still with me, and not unfollowing... thank you :D

Last week I picked up several new essence nail polishes, and one of them was Where's the party?. It's an olive green/purple shimmery duochrome. It has thick formula, it's pigmented and it's  opaque in one layer. I used two layers, though, because it's a bit streaky and if you use thinner layers it can apply a bit uneven.

Depending how light hits your nails, it changes from green to purple. In the sun, the most times it looks purple, and only picture I managed to take to show it is with the flash.

Move to the shade and you can see the duochrome goodness :)

My favorite color combination is green/purple, so this is a perfect nail polish for me.

Do you like it? Have you raided the local drugstore for new essence stuff.
The only thing that keeps me buying the entire new line is the utter lack of money and the knowing it's their permanent line, so it should be stocked for a long time :D
Hello, everyone :)

     I know St. Paddy's Day is the old news, but I wanted to share my last week's mani with you.
I used one layer of essence I'm a Berliner from I Love Berlin TE and one layer of my frankened Julia from the last post.

      I didn't want to do simple green nails, and Julia did a great job making them special :)
The next day I added one more layer of Julia, and it was even more beautiful. I really liked how the holo glitter sparkled in the sun.

    Just one thing, though, be sure you always have enough aluminium foil and nail polish remover stocked, especially after sporting glitter nail polish. I almost had FML moment yesterday, when I wanted to remove this mani. I had a smidge of nail polish remover, and no foil whatsoever. I tried to ration my nail polish remover and used plastic foil instead of aluminium. It worked, but it was very impractical.

Tip of the day:
Always stock additional bottle of nail polish remover!

Thank you for visiting :)
I'm always disappointed when I realize that the beautiful should-be-glitter-bomb nail polish takes a gazillion layers to get more or less opaque. The same thing is with Julia, an essence twins glitter topper. I know it shouldn't be opaque because it's supposed to serve as a decoration for Romeo, but I think Julia should be emancipated enough to be single ;)

How to do it? Search eBay for holo glitter, buy it, stalk your postman, squeal like a little girl when you get you sparkly goodness and try not to talk your boyfriend ear off how great the holo effect looks under the sunlight. Take your future glitter bomb bottle and glitter jar, make a paper funnel with a small enough opening that can fit into the neck of the polish bottle, and go glitter crazy :)

I wanted to try it the minute I finished it, so I put the one layer of pre-blinged Julia on my ring finger, and two layers of post-frankened Julia on my other fingers (over the essence Once Upon a Time). You can really see the difference, right?

Sadly, it was the night and I had to take it off before going to sleep, so I don't have a picture under sunlight.

What do you think?
Do you like Julia better before or after glitter surgery? :)
Yesterday I visited Inglot store as I wanted to buy a flakie nail polish.
For that purpose, I painted my nails black so I could swatch all the flakie nail polishes and decide which one to buy. As you can see, it was a terrible decision, because I seriously adored every single one :)

At the end I went home with 205, and I plan to go back for 203 :)
This is my first flakie nail polish ( I don't count essence Glisten up), and I can't keep my eyes off my nails, it's so distracting :D

I know I've been AWOL lately, but I have a perfectly good excuse :D

But first onto the nail polish.

For the last month or so, my nails have been so brittle and terrible I had to cut them off. I started to use essence ultra strong nail hardener, and I must say I'm very happy with the result. I don't believe it helped my nails permanently, but I managed to grow them to decent length. I now use it as a base coat as it keeps my nails from breaking.

My second problem is that my hands and cuticles are terribly dry. As I have a puppy, I have to wash my hands a million times a day and I haven't found a good hand cream that will live up to expectations.

Any suggestions?

If you are still with me, I want to show you essence Once Upon a Time :)
I know I featured it before, but I was in the mood for a beautiful red nail polish. I always feel so pretty and elegant wearing this one.

(please excuse my terrible cuticles, I need to buy a moisturizing hand cream asap)

And now for the excuse :D

I started playing Dragon Age 2, and I'm loving it!!!
I love the changes ( Mass Effect-like dialogue wheel, PC voice acting, better gameplay, less complicated inventory), but I also feel that gameplay  it's somewhat simplified. It's also a bit boring that they used the same layout for every dungeon and mansion there is. And you're mostly stuck in Kirkwall. Which isn't all that bad, but I hope it wont end up like in the Fable III where it goes from awesome fun-packed adventure to management game where you have to collect enough coin and everything will end well.

Here are a few screenshots from the game:

You can encounter huuuge spiders, but Hawke is a natural pesticide :D

There are dragons, too (it IS called Dragon Age, after all :D )
They are a piece of cake for mighty Hawke and her loyal company :D

Are you into games? Do you like fantasy and dragons?
I love it :)
Edit: Since Pris didn't contact me, I had to choose another winner.

Congratulations, Andreea !!!
I hope you will like your prize :)


I'm so sorry it took me this long to post a winner of the giveaway. I wasn't home for the past week, and I returned yesterday. I want to thank you for your patience :)

Thank you all for participating. I can say without any doubt that this giveaway was a total success. I've never imagined that so many people will enter. I started with 16 followers, and now, after a month or so, I ended with 148 amazing people who read this my little corner of web :)
I will understand if some of you decide to unfollow but I hope some of you will stay and find my ramblings at least a bit interesting.

Now onto the fun part. 124 people with 421 entries participated. I used random.org to draw a winner.

Entry 206 is:

Congratulations, PRIS !!!

I sent you an e-mail, you have 48 hours to contact me so I can send you your prize :)

Thank you all once again for entering and thank you for your patience :)
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