Glitter bomb Julia

I'm always disappointed when I realize that the beautiful should-be-glitter-bomb nail polish takes a gazillion layers to get more or less opaque. The same thing is with Julia, an essence twins glitter topper. I know it shouldn't be opaque because it's supposed to serve as a decoration for Romeo, but I think Julia should be emancipated enough to be single ;)

How to do it? Search eBay for holo glitter, buy it, stalk your postman, squeal like a little girl when you get you sparkly goodness and try not to talk your boyfriend ear off how great the holo effect looks under the sunlight. Take your future glitter bomb bottle and glitter jar, make a paper funnel with a small enough opening that can fit into the neck of the polish bottle, and go glitter crazy :)

I wanted to try it the minute I finished it, so I put the one layer of pre-blinged Julia on my ring finger, and two layers of post-frankened Julia on my other fingers (over the essence Once Upon a Time). You can really see the difference, right?

Sadly, it was the night and I had to take it off before going to sleep, so I don't have a picture under sunlight.

What do you think?
Do you like Julia better before or after glitter surgery? :)

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  1. ajme meni, prava glitter bomba :-D
    meni odmah padne na pamet muka sa skidanjem :-(
    imam doma neke suhe šljoke ali kad bih radila frankene uvijek bih se razočarala, zato će moja julia ostat tu kao potpora nekom dečku (ili curi) ;-)

  2. Its always good to franken what you are looking for when you can't buy it/find it. Very nice.

  3. Wow, to pa je glitter bomba, ja :D

  4. @nail crazy
    slazem se, i meni padne mrak na oci kad ih treba skidat :D
    ovo se jos nije osusilo kad sam skinula, pa je lagano islo dolje, inace bi bio pakao :D
    Julia je dosta dobra za dosljokavanje, gusta je pa sljokice ne padnu na dno :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes
    I agree, this is my first franken, but it won't be my last :)

    nokti su mi izgledali kao disko kugla :D


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