St. Patrick's mani

Hello, everyone :)

     I know St. Paddy's Day is the old news, but I wanted to share my last week's mani with you.
I used one layer of essence I'm a Berliner from I Love Berlin TE and one layer of my frankened Julia from the last post.

      I didn't want to do simple green nails, and Julia did a great job making them special :)
The next day I added one more layer of Julia, and it was even more beautiful. I really liked how the holo glitter sparkled in the sun.

    Just one thing, though, be sure you always have enough aluminium foil and nail polish remover stocked, especially after sporting glitter nail polish. I almost had FML moment yesterday, when I wanted to remove this mani. I had a smidge of nail polish remover, and no foil whatsoever. I tried to ration my nail polish remover and used plastic foil instead of aluminium. It worked, but it was very impractical.

Tip of the day:
Always stock additional bottle of nail polish remover!

Thank you for visiting :)

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  1. manikura mi je super, u zadnje vrijeme mi pašu zelembaći :-D
    dobar ti je ovaj savjet o acetonu ;-)

  2. @Nicole
    thank you :)

    @nail crazy
    hvala :)
    ja volim tamno zelene, a ovaj sam slucajno ugrabila kad sam bila doma :)
    cini mi se da su samo Zg cure ovisne o essence limitiranim kolekcijama, uvijek kad podjem doma, ima barem nesto od kolekcije :D


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