Right, girl

I love the new essence products :)

I believe essence and Catrice are the only brands in Croatia whose new arrivals can make people go crazy with anticipation, sell out the moment they arrive, and keep people check the drugstore several times a day for restock.

Having said that, I was at the drugstore as soon I've heard at the forum that new essence had arrived :D

This one is my favorite of my haul, and my favorite nail polish I own. I actually feel more womanish and awesome wearing it. I love to paint my nails and than play Dragon Age, and as I'm currently playing a female mage, I can seriously imagine myself casting fireball or lightning bolt while sporting this nail polish :D

(Don't worry, I have a life....well...sort of... ;D)





I suck at describing colors, but I would definitely call this one crimson red with beautiful reddish/gold shimmer.

As for the nail care, I started using LUSH Lemony Flutter. I usually hate the citrus scent (I always think of the kitchen detergent), but the scent of Lemony Flutter is amazing, and it smells so edible :)
The scent was so familiar, it took me two days to remember what it is, and then it hit me: Kiki bonbons from Kraš. Even my dog likes the smell (and taste, apparently - I have to hide my hands under sheets for the fear Sam would lick Lemony flutter off :D ).

Another thing I started using is the glass nail file. I love it, it shortened my nails in 3 strokes.  I hope it will help me with my brittle nails.

How do you like new essence stuff? What's your favorite?

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  1. Lovely red. I have to check it out next time I go to Muller. :D

  2. Wow, awesome red! Another one to find in drugstores, while fighting river of women running towards Essence stand ... *tired sigh*

  3. ahahaha, nasmijala si me s ovim postom ;-)
    lak izgleda fantastično, ovaj tjedan još nisam bila u shopingu pa ne znam jel' se išta od ovih novih stvari spustilo do mora, samo me pere muka da neće ništa ostati dok ja uhvatim vremena :-/
    morat ću si nabacit lemony flutter, ako ništa drugo bar da šnjofam i lickam ko tvoj cucak ;-)

  4. prelep lak, blago vama, kod nas se jos ceka na novu essence kolekciju i to uvek kasni bar po 2 meseca. ovaj cu sigurno kupiti.

  5. Hey, I absolutely love this one but I don't know it's name. Did you use it in your tittle?

  6. thank you for your lovely comments :*

    @nail crazy
    meni se od lakova cak i nije puno toga novog svidilo, samo ovaj crveni i onaj Where is the party duochrome :/
    vec sam nekoliko puta bila u mulleru i druge me nijanse uopce ne privlace :(

    mozda je to i bolje, lijepo vidis swatcheve na netu i ides ciljano kupit sto zelis :)
    ovako dodjes u trgovinu i zgrabis ono sto ti se na prvi pogled svidi ( a svidi se brdo toga :D ), dodjes doma i razocaras se.

    yes, it's called "Right, girl" :)


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