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Hello, everyone :)

Two weeks have passed since my last post, and I've been up to literally nothing. I messed up with my hair a bit, went from fail purplish, to dark brown, and yesterday, to black; did a spring cleaning to my desk and shelves, threw away a bunch of useless stuff, got organized a bit better, made a whole bunch of lifestyle changing decisions, and, to this day, implemented none :D

At least I had some make-uping done, and I decided to post it :D
I experimented with new essence gel eyeliner Berlin rocks (purple) as a eyeshadow base, and it works perfectly :inlove:
It goes a bit blotchy, but I used it all over my lid and blended it with a brush, it dries instantly, and it doesn't crease :)
I used Nyx Ultra pearl mania loose shadow in Jade green and MAC Grape pigment. I love those two, they are two of my favorite loose pigments.

I loved the end result but I wasn't too happy with the pictures, so I decided to post a whole bunch of them :D
I hope you won't mind. I have two different cameras, but I don't like the either one. I believe proper lighting is the problem. I use compact energy-saving light bulbs that don't emit enough proper light for photographing, or turn my skin light blue. If I take my pictures in the sun, it totally kills the colors, and I end up semi-blind. I need to research some proper way to take make-up pictures without frustration :(

Until then, I leave you with a picture spam of my eyes and my eyebrows that don't look that wild in person, I promise ;)

Things used:
-essence gel eyeliner in Berlin rocks
-Nyx Ultra pearl mania in Jade green
-MAC pigment in Grape
-Diego dalla Palma eyepencil on waterline
-Max factor False lash effect mascara

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  1. A ja sam baš gledala fotke na forumu i razmišljala kako su ti super slike i kako ja nikad neću uspjeti tako napraviti :)


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