DIY: Depotting essence and Catrice eyeshadow + home-made magnetic palette

I realized that I always use more or less the same few pigments, and I neglect all the beautiful eyeshadow I have in my make-up drawer, because I forget about them, being all piled up on top of each other, and out of sight.

How to change the "out of sight, out of mind"? Depot them and make your own magnetic make-up palette :)

I bet you've seen this a million times throughout the interwebz, but nonetheless  I decided to make a DIY post.

1. Make sure your boyfriend or your family members are not home :D 

I have a very tolerant bf, but when he comes home from work expecting something to eat and finds me with crazy hair baking eyeshadow pots, it could look a bit weird :D

2. You'll need something to heat up eyeshadow to loose up the glue.

You could use hair straightener or glass-ceramic cooktop, or you could use frying pan that you pre-heated. Don't overheat as you don't want the smell of molten plastic to creep into every pore of your apartment. 

Don't forget to use baking paper to prevent glue or plastic staining on your heat surface of choice.

3.  First thing you'll want to do is to remove the sticker from the back side of the eyeshadow.

This is useful as you can reuse it and stick it back on the eyeshadow pan so you won't forget the name of the shade ;)
Peel off the sticker and put it to side. Put the eyeshadow back to your heat source.


For the next step you'll need very thin knife or scalpel. Simply put the blade in between the metal pan and plastic container and remove the eyeshadow pan.


This one is easier as Catrice pot has a small hole you could use to easily pop the eyeshadow pan out. I used an unwound paper-clip. Simply insert the paper clip into the hole and eyeshadow pan will be out :)

(sorry about chipped nail polish :shy:)

5. Go back to the sticker you removed before and stick it to the back of the eyeshadow pan.

The stickers are the same size as eyeshadow pans. This was the first time I've noticed it :D

Most eyeshadow pans will stick to the magnet sheet as they are, but some will need a small strip of magnetic sheet to do so. 

There, all done :)

Now you'll need something to put all of these eyeshadow in :) If you don't have a pre-made magnetic palette, don't despair ;) You can make your own in 15 minutes :)

All you need is a single DVD case, a heat source (candle lighter), a scalpel, and a magnetic sheet with adhesive.

A DVD case

Candle lighter and scalpel

Heat scalpel with candle lighter and cut the round part where the DVD is supposed to go.

Cut the magnetic sheet to fit the DVD case and stick it to it.
Place the eyeshadow pans in your magnetic palette

That's it :)

I hope at least some of you'll find this helpful :)

Thank you for reading :)

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  1. Oo, super si to naredila!

  2. Your method totally rocks!! You explained it very well. Maybe I'll give it a try. I've depotted before using a candle.

  3. It's a great tip! I'm thinking of depotting some NYX eyeshadows, so I'll surely try this method.

  4. thank you, guys :)
    I'm glad to be of assistance :)

  5. Neat idea! I might try this.. I like the idea of less jars lying around but they don't bother me so much that I'd want to order a special palette for them..


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