Hello, girls :)

Were back to the good old NOTDs :D

Hair is going back to brown this Saturday, and that will officially be the end of the hair saga :)
I chose Country colors no. 65 which is supposed to be Chestnut brown, so I hope my hair will still have red sheen to it.

Now, back to the nail polish.

Žana , if you thought that red Catherine Arley nail polish was pain in the mikta to photograph, think again :D
essence Street styler (Urban messages TE)  is a gorgeous teal-ish nail polish with tiny glass-flecked silvery blue glitter, that simply cannot be photographed as is.

Sorry for the terrible cuticles, I took this pics after a whole day of house-cleaning :(

Now, this nail polish is much more green than my swatches, but what can you do :shrug:

Stay tuned tomorrow for flakiefied Street Styler :)

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Hello :)

Instead of editing the last post, I wanted to put all of the "my hair color" pics in one place :)

Remember this post here?
The end result was this:

It was a bit too dark for my liking so I did another soap-cap and got this:

Pretty cool color, but it was dull, considering it was essentially just a bleached hair it had no natural shine.

After dying my hair with Country colors no.45 Toscana Herbsrot, I got this:

I love how shiny my hair looks, and in the sun I look like orange on fire :D

Sadly, to keep this color, I would have to bleach my roots quite often, so I will dye my hair next week with the same hair-dye and that's it.
Bye-bye redhead clan...hello boring brunettes :(

On the brighter side, I will have more time to obsess over make-up and nail polish, and that means no more hair posts :D

Thank you for reading,
Hello, guys :)

Thank you for entering my giveaway, and here's a hug for all of the new GFC and Twitter followers 

Sorry for radio silence, but I've been away for a few days, and I didn't take any new photos.
Yesterday, my postman brought me my INM fast dry top coat so finally I can do proper manicures.
In the meantime, I have a random stuff post for you today.

I promised my boyfriend that I will stop dying my hair, because I love Karen Gillan's hair color, but I thought that could never happen. And then I browsed forum.hr I saw that one girl got the exactly the same shade as Amy Pond, by soap-capping and than dying her hair with Country colors no.45.

Guess what...I'm gingerish now 

 I don't have the after-dying-with-Country-colors photos, but I have those I snapped after soap-cap. Somehow I got really cool orange hair :D

Check it out:

Wet hair

It was a tad lighter than it is in the photos, though.

Now, this is what I wanted:

I will add the "after" pics tomorrow, since I haven't had enough daylight for proper shooting.

In the other news, for the second time in my life, I baked muffins.
First ones were supposed to be sour cherry muffins, but somehow they were mushy and ended up in the trash.

But the other ones....WOW...
Go to the Just cake the Cupcake blog and among all the other amazing recipes you will find the one for these EPIC Choco muffins.

They are so delicious, especially after some time in the fridge, when the chocolate hardens a bit :)

This nail polish right here is a perfect creme red. I'm in love with this one, seriously. I will make a proper swatch, but for now, check this one out :)

It's e.l.f. Light red nail polish.
It dries fast, has great coverage, and lasts up to 4 days without top coat, at least on my nails.

This is it for now, I can't wait to start playing with my Inglot flakies :)
And now I have my INM, I plan to swatch all the nail polishes I got while without fast drying top coat, and that means a ton of new shades :)

I also plan to do a giveaway with some of the Inglot flakies in the future, would you like that? :)

Thank you for reading,

Hello :)

Remember this post? I swatched them but I only had enough money to choose one of them, the 205 :(
Not long after that, they went out of stock, the store closed, and they were lost forever...or so I thought.

A little while ago, the store re-opened and I had to correct my mistake and collect them all.
What am I talking about (let's pretend you didn't read the title of this post :D )?

Check it out:

Do you need another one?

Here it is:

Yup! I've got the whole collection of Inglot flakies 

I guess next few posts are going to be loaded with flakie goodness :)
And I guess you won't mind ;)

Thank you for reading,

From the moment I saw first swatches of Sugarpill products I was in love Smiley

Sugarpill is owned by Amy Doan (Shrinkle) and is, as it states on the site, " a custom cosmetics line specializing in vibrant, richly pigmented, luxury pressed eyeshadows, sparkling loose powders, and ultra dramatic false eyelashes."

First one that caught my eyes was Burning heart palette (34 usd),  a quad consisting of yellow, orange, red and purple eyeshadow. Few months ago I finally saved enough money to place an order and a short while after I got my amazing package. Sugarpill also stocks Duo eyelash glue (AKA Holy Grail eyelash glue) so I had to order it because Sugarpill sells it for 5 usd and at Inglot it costs 14 usd.

Look at this beauties :

I got Goldilux sample as a gift :)

This was my first order, but it's far from my last :)
I love everything Sugarpill has to offer. I love their loose pigments, their pressed eyeshadows, colorful style, that fact they don't test on animals and their amazing customer support.
Oh, and they ship everywhere in the world :)

Now, let's proceed to my FOTD using Burning Heart palette :)

For this look I used:
Click for enlargement ;D

I was inspired by cut-crease looks over the net, and I wanted to experiment with that technique. Also, this was the first time I applied false eyelashes. Good thing is that I managed not to poke my eyes out :D

Only after I applied mascara to lashes I realized I forgot to apply gel eyeliner :facepalm:

My face from a weird angle (this was the only way I could get non-blurry photo of my face, sorry for the weirdness) 


I'm not satisfied with no gel liner and visible band of the false lashes, but I hope to correct that in my next eotd.
Dramatic and colorful cut-crease looks are really fun and innovative ways to spice up your eye make-up. I plan to make a wearable cut-crease eotd in one of my next posts, if anyone is interested :)

Thank you for reading,


Hi, guys :)

I know it's been a long time since my last eotd post, but this summer is killing me, the only make-up thing I use is mascara because it's too damn hot.

But yesterday I wanted to do a full face make-up and, for the first time on this blog, show it to you :)
I'm a bit wary about posting my face on the interwebz, but to hell with it :D

For this look I used:
Click to enlarge

And now...




Don't run off screaming...




This is me incognito, with glasses Smiley

Soooo....that was me :D
I'm still thinking this one through, so if I remove these pics, you don't have to wonder what happened :D

Before I go, I have to share this awesome smiley with you 


Thank you for reading,

Hello, guys :)

First of all, feel free to enter my giveaway :D

Now after that shameless self-promotion I want to show you my favorite red nail polish.
Meet a nail polish with a very inovative name, MNY 265 ;)

It's a berry red shade that needs tree coats for full opacity, and is a perfect jelly infused with holographic glitter.
It's not packed with it, but it gives the jelly depth and makes it unique.

Look at this beauty :)
Every time I see my nails I think of sugar covered jelly candy.

Not a good quality pic, but you can see holo glitter better (click)

Click for hugification :)

The only sad part of all of this is that I used this one so much I managed to drain it completely.
It is a first nail polish I used to the max.
Good thing is that MNY is suppose to arrive to DM soon, so I will get the chance to stock up :)

Thank you for reading,

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So don't be a dick and steal them.
If you do, I hope a wrath of thousands burning demon suns rain upon you.
Have a great day.
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