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Hello :)

As many of you know, a month ago I experimented with my hair.
I went from black to red, because I wanted to experience the red hair once more before I stop messing with my hair for good.

I started dying my hair red when I was 13 ( my mom helped me), and my hair was red or black most of my high school days. At the first year of university, my hair was elbow-length, and I dyed the front of my hair (bangs) blood red, and the rest of it black, which was awesome :)

The problem was that the black washed off very soon, and the red persisted so at the end of my first year uni I had terribly dry long hair with red stains ( I really hated having my hair cut, so I didn't for 10 months).
At that moment I finally decided enough is enough, got a great haircut and a dye job at the hair salon and I was finally back to my natural hair color.

That lasted for about 5 years, and the last summer I started to mess with my hair, again.
I wanted to dye my hair purple without having to use bleach, but after months of experimenting with different hair colors I accepted defeat and dyed my hair black.

Now, this is where the "before" picture was taken :)
Sorry for the messy hair, I took this pic right before I went to bleach my hair.

I was a real noob when it comes to bleaching my hair so I followed FaithFry's guide to soap-capping  :)

I used 6% peroxyde because I didn't want to damage my hair more than necessary. I made the mixture, applied it, and waited for about 30 minutes, washed it off, let it dry and this was the result:

With flash, more realistic color

I didn't go blonde, but this was a huge success :)
Next day I dyed my hair red, but took the picture 2 weeks after that because I forgot :D

The only hairdresser I trust with my hair lives in my hometown, so I got a new haircut :)

When I came back from the vacation, the color was completely washed off, and my hair had grown some more, so I had dark roots showing. I dyed my hair again with the same color but now it's much more red than before.

Well, that's it :)
My boyfriend loves my natural hair color and I promised him that I will stop experimenting with my hair but I love how the red hair goes with my tanned complexion :)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Super izgleda! Imamo sličan tip kose, i moja se isto ovako izvija od vlage, sunca i mora, ali se da lijepo isfenirati.
    Ja nikad nisam farbala kosu, ali sam stavljala kolor preljev i dosta mi se primila crvena boja. Nije ovako svijetlo, ali ja sam zadovoljna :)

  2. crveno, volim te crveno ;-)
    ja sam imala sve moguće boje na glavi... ali posljednjih par godina sam se vratila na plavu - nekad prirodnu :-D
    crvenu je teže održavati jer ako nemaš prodnog crvenog pigmenta u kosi, nakon svakog pranja kosa izgleda drugačije... ali meni se i to sviđalo


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