Vacation holo pt.1

Hello, guys :)

I finally went through my vacation photos, and I have another "vacation mani" post :)

Essence Hello holo is an absolute winner. It makes any manicure last for days, without even getting a tip wear.
I applied essence You're a heartbreaker from 50's girls reloaded TE, but it made bubbles so I had to camouflage it.
I chose Hello holo and I must say, that was a great decision.

The mani lasted for 6 days and the only damage was a slight chapping on my thumb and a slightest of tip wears.
Picture spam ahead :D

Damage 6 days after application

Now, 6 days might not be much, I had some manis that lasted even longer, but you must take into account that this was during the summer, with hell-like temperatures, constant hand washing, sunbathing, sweating, swimming and outdoor activities :)

The photos don't really give it justice, because this is one glitter bomb sparkly manicure, so I will upload a video of it in the next few days, so stay tuned ;)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Super kombinacija! 6 dni je veliko :)

  2. hello holo je apsolutni winner, velika hvala essenceu što nam je lako dostupan ;-)

  3. 6 dana je ono wow, krasno mi ovo izgleda. samo što se bojim svega šljokičastog, da ne mogu skinuti :D



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