Beam Me (up) Scotty

Hello, guys :)

I'm back from my vacation, and I'm still sorting out all of my pictures so there should be more "Vacation eotd/notd" posts :)

This one here is my latest purchase, Beam Me Scotty! of Catrice Out of Space LE. I'm not really impressed with this LE, but the minute I saw BMS (and the blue gel liner :D), I had to have it :)

It is a one coater, if you are careful with your application, and it dries super-fast.

I love this dull finish, it's a nice change from all the shimmer and glitter.
The downside is that it doesn't last very long. I applied it yesterday afternoon, and by night I had some tip-wear.

Did you buy anything from Out of Space?

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Mnogo je lijep. Ovaj mi se najviše sviđa, a i ja pecam gel liner :)
    Valjda će doći kod nas.

  2. Predivan je! Da li je to mat lak ili mi se pričinjava?

  3. hvala, cure :)

    meni je jedino on bio poseban, obozavam mat lakove, jako se brzo suse :)
    nadam se da ces ga ulovit :thumbsup:

    @Just me and Hohner
    jest, mat je :)

  4. We do not have Catrice in Puerto Rico :-(

  5. uuu, jako lijepo :)

    viđala sam do sada swatcheve ali najbolje mi izgleda ovako matiran, krasno :)



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