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Up until a few weeks ago, my favorite blush in the world was Illamasqua Zygomatic, a creamy perfection of a color which complimented perfectly my NC15 skintone. Alas, Zygomatc had one flaw: it was a bit comedogenic, and as I had started to have a few breakouts, I traded it for Illamasqua Naked Rose, a pinkier powder dusty rose blusher. As all obsessions go, I tried to find a perfect dupe for Zygomatic, but in powder form. I googled my eyes off, but the only blushes that got close enough were Cargo Tonga or MAC The Perfect Cheek. Cargo Tonga was almost impossible to get, but my luck changed when I got MAC The Perfect Cheek.

MAC The Perfect Cheek is neutral, dusty rose, matte blush. It's not completely matte though, like Illamasqua Naked Rose, but it has a barely-there sheen, as you can see from the photos. 

It's sheer, but buildable, and I think it would compliment all the skintones equally, from lightest to darker.

The only, and sadly the biggest, flaw it has it's availability. TPC was first released in 2009, but was reintroduced in 2012 MAC Marilyn Monroe limited collection.

TPC Marilyn Monroe edition comes in sturdy black glossy cardboard box, with Marilyn's black and white photo on it. 

The blusher is set in standard MAC plastic packaging, but it's not satiny-grey as it would normally be, but it is made out of glossy pure black plastic, which looks kind of cheapish, but it does not detracts from the perfection inside. 

 On the photo below you can see the back of the packaging and the ingredients list:

On the left you can see a light swatch, in the middle is the really heavy one, an on the right you can barely notice a really light, one brushstroke, swatch of The Perfect Cheek.

I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of TPC and Illamasqua Zygomatic and Naked rose. These are really heavy swatches so the base color gets through. Even though Illamasqua blushers are suitably for paler skin, they really pack a punch and can be very pigmented. The Perfect Cheek is more sheer than these two and it's not as matte as Naked rose.

I also wanted to do a  side-by-side comparison of light-hand swatches, so you can see the differences as if the blush is applied on the cheeks.

Now you can really see that Zygomatic has a brownish, and Naked rose a pinkish undertone, while The Perfect Cheek is the right mixture of both.

In my opinion, it would suit every face, and every makeup, and if you can somehow get it, than you must.
Unfortunately, you can only get it on eBay as it is limited edition, and there it costs up to 50$.

The second choice is Cargo Tonga, which seems the perfect dupe for TPC.

What is your perfect blush? 
Do you prefer cream or powder blushers?


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  1. obožavam sva tri rumenila <3

  2. Odlično si ih recenzirala i usporedila. Ja sam više za praškasta rumenila jer imam masniju kožu

  3. Nemoj mi to raditi, ja probavam štedjeti i prestati kupovati kozmetiku kad bum tvoja recenzija najljepšeg rumenila ikada. posjeti i moj blog, ako želiš :)


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