Avon Beauty Blog Day 2015 manicure

By now you must know that we all had a great time at Avon Beauty Blog Day Croatia 2015.
I won't be writing about it since I believe everything is covered by a lot of other bloggers, and I can't add anything to it, other that I had a great time, and finally had met Žana (Nail crazy) and Petra (The Brush Stash).

Please go to Beauty Blog Day's official facebook page and there you can find all the posts covering BBD at one place (make sure to check them out).

I love this event as it brings the beauty blogger community closer together, makes us (well, at least me) rethink out approach to blogging, and it's a great opportunity to present to all of us the new products of BBD's sponsors.

I feel obligated to mention (because I fell in love with it) Foreo Luna, the only skincare gadget that I'm sure I'll be buying as soon as I save a bit of money. I really can't wait to get it, and not even it's high price (around 1300kn) is not bringing down my enthusiasm.

I'm also really excited about Biobaza's Hydraradiance skincare range with parsley and Avon's Nutra effects Radiance daily face cream.

If you are interested in my photos, there are uploaded to album at Nic's Little World facebook page.

So much for not writing about BBD2015 :)

Today, I will show you one of my favorite manicures, a really simple but extremely eye-catching combination of two beautiful nail polishes.

I wore this to Avon Beauty Blog Day, and if you follow me on Instagram, you had already seen it.

Chanel Vendetta is my favourite nail polish, and if you had to choose and get only one Chanel nail polish, I would wholeheartedly recommend you Vendetta. It's a perfect midnight blue with a hint of purple (blurple?) nail polish. It's a one coater and it dries instantly. therefore, it's perfect for layering under glitters and flakies.

Essence Party in a Bottle is a glitterbomb filled with teal and green hexagonal glitter particles of different size.

Together, Vendetta and Party in a Bottle are a perfect combination.

Pictured here are also my favourite nail polish base (essence studio nails ultra strong nail hardener), and the best top coat in the world (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat).

Seriously, look at that sparkle!


It's also super long lasting, as it stayed without a chip for a whole week.

Do you like dark-nail polish/glitter top coat combo?
What is your favourite pair?

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  1. Me like ;)! Jedino kaj ne volim skidati takav tip laka. Znam sve s folijom..., ali ima više posla kako god okreneš.

  2. potvrđujem iz prve ruke, kombinacija je zbilja premoćna <3


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