Hello, guys :)

I hope you are having a great summer :)
I spend my days going to the beach, sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful Adriatic sea.

As I used up my bottle of Poshe to the last drop, I needed a fast drying nail polish. The best in that category is e.l.f. Dark Navy. It stains my nails like hell, but it dries in a minute. I wanted to bling my manicure up a bit, so I added a layer of essence Circus Confetti :)

Do you like it? What is your perfect summer manicure?

Thank you for reading,

Hello :)

Hair experimentation went great and now I'm a red-head :D
Until I compile the pictures of the hair torture, I have an eotd for you.

I used:

  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base
  • Catrice Dalai Drama orange eyeshadow 
  • Diego dalla Palma 57 blue eyeshadow
  • Catrice All round mascara

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I'll be quick for today because my hair is in the process of bleaching right now :D

essence meet me @ holographic is an epic fail. Someone should tell the people at Cosnova that weak duochrome effect is not the same as holographic effect.

Blue Ray in direct sunlight

Blue ray in shade
I could notice weak duochrome effect only in shade, which is not that cool.

Now I have to go and wash off the bleach, I hope my hair won't fall off :D

Thank you for reading,
As I promised, a Gosh Holo picture spam :D

Once again, thank you, Martje, for an amazing swap. 
I believe I don't have to write much about this nail polish, because it is an every nail-polish-obsessed person's lemming. Sadly, it is discontinued, but still can be found at some drugstores.

A year-ish ago (also known as the Dark Ages), I had only five nail polish bottles in my stash. My favorite was a dark blue one, because (and I quote myself) "it looks so much better than the black ones, who older than 15 would want to wear black nail polish" 

Some time after that, I discovered the world of beauty forums and beauty blogging, and I stumbled upon a blog post about this beauty. I was mesmerized and I knew I had to have it.
One year after, and it is a part of my stash

It doesn't look very special in bottle:

Very bright sunlight completely washes it out:

Not so bright sunlight allows it to show its holo-ness out, but it's still a just ok-ish effect, nothing mega-special:

But if you observe it in shade or, better yet, under an incandescent light bulb, this is what you get:

What do you think? Is it a double rainbow of epicness (quite literally), or what? :) 
Sorry for the picture spam, but I couldn't help myself :D

Thank you for reading,

Hello guys :)

If I'd known that changing the blog URL will be such pain in the mikta I would seriously reconsider the whole thing.
Apparently, now my posts don't appear on my followers blogroll :facepalm:
I believe that the only thing to do is for me to contact you so you could re-add me to your blogroll.
I'm seriously sorry for all of this, and I will understand if you decide to stop following my blog altogether .

I will send a message to all of you, my wonderful followers, and I hope this will be the last of it :)

Thank you for your understanding,
Here it is, my little corner, new and improved :)

I changed the URL, managed to redirect links from my old URL to this one and finally decided on a blogger theme. I hope you like it. I hope it will stay like this for a long while as I plan to shift my energy from messing with my blog to messing with my hair (I promise I will do a post about that; hint: if everything goes well: black to light red ) :D

Another new feature is that little pink bird in the upper right corner. It came with the theme, so I said "what the hell" and linked my twitter account to my blog :)

This post is loooooooooooooooooooong overdue (:cough: 3 months :cough:)
Some time ago, I contacted amazing Martje of **Girly-Addictions** blog and asked her if she would like to swap with me. A few weeks later I got a lovely envelope, filled to the brim with jaw-drop goodies:

Have you noticed the gem of this collection?

How about now? ;)

Yup, it's GOSH Holographic, a nail polish that made me an addict and I went from 5 to 100ish nail polish bottles in my stash :)
When I saw swatches of this one, I immediately fell in love with holos, and that was almost a year ago.
Now, thanks to Martje, it's finally mine  :)

I will show you Gosh Holographic picture spam in my next post :)

Thank you for reading,

All images and content, unless stated otherwise, belong to me (Nic).
So don't be a dick and steal them.
If you do, I hope a wrath of thousands burning demon suns rain upon you.
Have a great day.
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