Hello world (again)

Here it is, my little corner, new and improved :)

I changed the URL, managed to redirect links from my old URL to this one and finally decided on a blogger theme. I hope you like it. I hope it will stay like this for a long while as I plan to shift my energy from messing with my blog to messing with my hair (I promise I will do a post about that; hint: if everything goes well: black to light red ) :D

Another new feature is that little pink bird in the upper right corner. It came with the theme, so I said "what the hell" and linked my twitter account to my blog :)

This post is loooooooooooooooooooong overdue (:cough: 3 months :cough:)
Some time ago, I contacted amazing Martje of **Girly-Addictions** blog and asked her if she would like to swap with me. A few weeks later I got a lovely envelope, filled to the brim with jaw-drop goodies:

Have you noticed the gem of this collection?

How about now? ;)

Yup, it's GOSH Holographic, a nail polish that made me an addict and I went from 5 to 100ish nail polish bottles in my stash :)
When I saw swatches of this one, I immediately fell in love with holos, and that was almost a year ago.
Now, thanks to Martje, it's finally mine  :)

I will show you Gosh Holographic picture spam in my next post :)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Super izgleda blog! Pa čimprej Gosh Holographic na nohte ;)

  2. Ooh, Gosh Holographic is a polish I definitely wanna buy, when I find it. :D

  3. joj, zavidim ti na gosh holograficu, bravo za tebe :-D

  4. Thank you, guys :)
    I was super-lucky that Martje wanted to swap, gosh holo is amazing :)


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