essence Blue Ray

I'll be quick for today because my hair is in the process of bleaching right now :D

essence meet me @ holographic is an epic fail. Someone should tell the people at Cosnova that weak duochrome effect is not the same as holographic effect.

Blue Ray in direct sunlight

Blue ray in shade
I could notice weak duochrome effect only in shade, which is not that cool.

Now I have to go and wash off the bleach, I hope my hair won't fall off :D

Thank you for reading,

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  1. secretly admitting...I wasn`t very impressed with this LE eitehr :S

  2. Imam i ja ovaj lak, ali se meni jako sviđa usprkos očitom nedostatku i duochrome i holo efekta! :D

  3. meni se isto svidja sam za sebe, ali ne u kontekstu "holografske" kolekcije :/

    mislim da cu ga nosit posljokanog ovog ljeta :D


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