Gosh Holographic

As I promised, a Gosh Holo picture spam :D

Once again, thank you, Martje, for an amazing swap. 
I believe I don't have to write much about this nail polish, because it is an every nail-polish-obsessed person's lemming. Sadly, it is discontinued, but still can be found at some drugstores.

A year-ish ago (also known as the Dark Ages), I had only five nail polish bottles in my stash. My favorite was a dark blue one, because (and I quote myself) "it looks so much better than the black ones, who older than 15 would want to wear black nail polish" 

Some time after that, I discovered the world of beauty forums and beauty blogging, and I stumbled upon a blog post about this beauty. I was mesmerized and I knew I had to have it.
One year after, and it is a part of my stash

It doesn't look very special in bottle:

Very bright sunlight completely washes it out:

Not so bright sunlight allows it to show its holo-ness out, but it's still a just ok-ish effect, nothing mega-special:

But if you observe it in shade or, better yet, under an incandescent light bulb, this is what you get:

What do you think? Is it a double rainbow of epicness (quite literally), or what? :) 
Sorry for the picture spam, but I couldn't help myself :D

Thank you for reading,

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  1. This was my first strong holo ... and still one of favorites. ♥
    Great pics.

  2. savršen je, tako bi svaki holo treba izgledat :-D
    ali ne vriđaj mi crni lak, šta ima veze ako sam prešla 15... i par puta ;-)

  3. I think it`s the best holo in the entire world!

  4. Thank you :)

    @nail crazy
    nokti su mi inace jako slabi i lomljivi, tako da im nikad nisam pridavala puno paznje, niti ih puno lakirala.
    radi foruma sam postala ovisna o lakovima i sad ih skupljam :D
    i nosim i crni lak (i rozi, i zuti i svakakvi :D )

    I think so, too :)
    Once again, thank youuuuuu ;)


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