Sugarpill haul plus Poisoned Buttercupcake

From the moment I saw first swatches of Sugarpill products I was in love Smiley

Sugarpill is owned by Amy Doan (Shrinkle) and is, as it states on the site, " a custom cosmetics line specializing in vibrant, richly pigmented, luxury pressed eyeshadows, sparkling loose powders, and ultra dramatic false eyelashes."

First one that caught my eyes was Burning heart palette (34 usd),  a quad consisting of yellow, orange, red and purple eyeshadow. Few months ago I finally saved enough money to place an order and a short while after I got my amazing package. Sugarpill also stocks Duo eyelash glue (AKA Holy Grail eyelash glue) so I had to order it because Sugarpill sells it for 5 usd and at Inglot it costs 14 usd.

Look at this beauties :

I got Goldilux sample as a gift :)

This was my first order, but it's far from my last :)
I love everything Sugarpill has to offer. I love their loose pigments, their pressed eyeshadows, colorful style, that fact they don't test on animals and their amazing customer support.
Oh, and they ship everywhere in the world :)

Now, let's proceed to my FOTD using Burning Heart palette :)

For this look I used:
Click for enlargement ;D

I was inspired by cut-crease looks over the net, and I wanted to experiment with that technique. Also, this was the first time I applied false eyelashes. Good thing is that I managed not to poke my eyes out :D

Only after I applied mascara to lashes I realized I forgot to apply gel eyeliner :facepalm:

My face from a weird angle (this was the only way I could get non-blurry photo of my face, sorry for the weirdness) 


I'm not satisfied with no gel liner and visible band of the false lashes, but I hope to correct that in my next eotd.
Dramatic and colorful cut-crease looks are really fun and innovative ways to spice up your eye make-up. I plan to make a wearable cut-crease eotd in one of my next posts, if anyone is interested :)

Thank you for reading,


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  1. absolutely love the shadow!!!

  2. Gorgeous dear! Now I want some Sugarpill!!! How do I not own anything from the brand?

  3. boje su mi predobre, lipo ti stoji ova kombinacija :-D

  4. This is pretty amazing! Great job!


  5. This is really nice! It's a great color combination and this yellow enhances your light brown eyes a lot :)


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