And the giveaway winner is...

Edit: Since Pris didn't contact me, I had to choose another winner.

Congratulations, Andreea !!!
I hope you will like your prize :)


I'm so sorry it took me this long to post a winner of the giveaway. I wasn't home for the past week, and I returned yesterday. I want to thank you for your patience :)

Thank you all for participating. I can say without any doubt that this giveaway was a total success. I've never imagined that so many people will enter. I started with 16 followers, and now, after a month or so, I ended with 148 amazing people who read this my little corner of web :)
I will understand if some of you decide to unfollow but I hope some of you will stay and find my ramblings at least a bit interesting.

Now onto the fun part. 124 people with 421 entries participated. I used to draw a winner.

Entry 206 is:

Congratulations, PRIS !!!

I sent you an e-mail, you have 48 hours to contact me so I can send you your prize :)

Thank you all once again for entering and thank you for your patience :)

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  1. congrats to the winner!
    nećeš nam reći gdje si bila ;-)
    i jesi li se dobro provela?

  2. bila sam doma na tjedan dana :)

  3. Thank you Abigail :* for this awesome giveaway !!!


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