Where is the party? At Frank-N-Furter's place, of course...

When I find something I like, I become utterly obsessed with it.

The latest object of obsession is Rocky Horror Picture show. I can't believe it took me this long to actually watch the movie. I had it on my to-watch list forever, and I'm not ashamed to admit that Glee's "Rocky Horror Glee Show" inspired me to sit my forgetful ass on the couch and watch the musical.

First, I love Glee. It's not my usual kind of tv show I watch, but I love the singing, quirkiness, Sue Sylvester and the life lessons it teaches you. But one thing that got me hooked up to the show is Cory Monteith 
Well, what can I say...I love cute, tall guys 

Second, when I finally watched RCPS, it got me instantly hooked. It's been a week, and I've watched it 5 times, already. I listen to soundtrack throughout the day, and I even did a Frank-N-Furter FOTD.
I love the style, the songs, the cast, and I adore Tim Curry. He's perfect for the role.

I'm totally not weird 

If you're still with me, and not unfollowing... thank you :D

Last week I picked up several new essence nail polishes, and one of them was Where's the party?. It's an olive green/purple shimmery duochrome. It has thick formula, it's pigmented and it's  opaque in one layer. I used two layers, though, because it's a bit streaky and if you use thinner layers it can apply a bit uneven.

Depending how light hits your nails, it changes from green to purple. In the sun, the most times it looks purple, and only picture I managed to take to show it is with the flash.

Move to the shade and you can see the duochrome goodness :)

My favorite color combination is green/purple, so this is a perfect nail polish for me.

Do you like it? Have you raided the local drugstore for new essence stuff.
The only thing that keeps me buying the entire new line is the utter lack of money and the knowing it's their permanent line, so it should be stocked for a long time :D

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  1. Gorgeous color! Wish I had it. :)

  2. Joj, krasen lak! Jaz pa še nisem našla nič od novih Essence stvari... :S

  3. ma ovog moram imat i gotovo, fantastičan je :-D

  4. Hehehe, zelo me zabava, da si naredila post o RHPS ravno v dneh, ko me je kolegica prepričevala, da naj ga že končno pogledam in mi ga tudi prinesla. :D Zdaj ga moram pa res pogledat! Kar se tiče Essence novih izdelkov - še kar čakam, da pridejo v DM, ker imam tisti bon za popust na dekorativo. Upam, da ne bodo prepozni. :/

  5. thank you, girls:*
    I adore it, also :D

    definitivno moras pogledat RHPS, super je :)
    nadam se da si uspjela iskoristit popust :)


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