Inglot flakies

Yesterday I visited Inglot store as I wanted to buy a flakie nail polish.
For that purpose, I painted my nails black so I could swatch all the flakie nail polishes and decide which one to buy. As you can see, it was a terrible decision, because I seriously adored every single one :)

At the end I went home with 205, and I plan to go back for 203 :)
This is my first flakie nail polish ( I don't count essence Glisten up), and I can't keep my eyes off my nails, it's so distracting :D

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  1. Wow, this is so crazy!
    If I had this polishes, I would definetely layer 202 and then 204 over black. <3
    Or 203 and over 202...
    If I were you, I would buy them all! ;D

  2. ajme meni, božanstveni su :-D
    kupi sve pa uživaj u noktima lol

  3. They're all awesome!!
    I want them! Exept 201 maybe ^^'

  4. 201 is a holo glitter, I couldn't leave pinky all black, without topper :D

    thank you, girls :)
    I really adore these flakies.

  5. Ooo, nisem vedela, da ima Inglot take krasne flakie-je! O.o

  6. A onda se još vrati još po 205. :) Vidim da si ti za zelene, meni je taj plavi odmah upao u oči. :)

  7. 205 is awesome, also 203! :)

  8. 202 is cool! 203 somewhat reminds me of Sinful Colors: Green Ocean. (:

  9. I love them all, too :)
    I believe I will buy one every month, until I have them all :D

  10. Thanks for these swatches! So hard to choose!

  11. gdje ima inglota kod nas? i kolko koštaju? ja bi 205........i 202 :D


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