Poison Love+

Hello :)

I'm sooooo tired, and before I go to bed and read a few pages of Terry Pratchet's "Lords and Ladies" (you got to love Granny Weatherwax :)  Emoticon ) I want to share with you another look created with amazing Sugarpill Burning heart palette :)

Over Art Deco eyeshadow base I applied Sugarpill Poison plum (purple) and Love+ (red) eyeshadows with a drop of Inglot Duraline as eyeliner, and essence Black Out black eyeshadow with Nyx White pearl loose eyeshadow and finished with Catrice AllRound mascara.

I hope you like it :)

Thank you for reading,


(I'm an emoticon addict, as you can see :D )

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  1. srećom sidim, ovo mi je fantastično!!!
    šteta što više nemam di nosit ovakav make up :-/

  2. hvala :*
    ako nista, mozes po stanu :)

    ja sam ovo samo na jedno oko stavila jer mi je doslo malo da se igram sa sminkom :D


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