Blue eyes, brown eyes...

Hello, guys :)

I apologize for not writing, I'm still getting used to a complete lack of a free time, because of my new job. I thought I'll get it all done on weekend, but I failed :(

Tonight, I finally organized my photos, and I have enough material for at least 12 posts :yaaay:

This one is from the archives. Remember this post?

In it, I posted these photos:

A few days after taking these, I'd done the same eotd on my little sister, who has blue eyes and blonde hair. Seriously, people never believe we're related to one another :facepalm:

Please ignore the eyebrows, I suck at that area :D
I didn't know what color to use to fill them, so I left them as they were.

Yup, that's my little sis! 
She is gorgeous, and I love her eyes, they are so deep and dreamy.

How do you like it?
Do you like these colors more on brown or blue eyes? I personally love them on both :)

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Kako lijepe okice obje imate... :)
    Mnogo je lijep look!

  2. Čudovita barvna kombinacija! Obe imata prekrasne oči :)

  3. ovaj look dobro izgleda i na plavim očima, a svake su mi lijepe na svoj način... doduše, vi cure sa smeđim očima ste sretnice jer možete na oči staviti što god hoćete ;-)
    lol, prvo sam pogledala slike bez čitanja pa si mislim wtf, stavila je leće ahahaha
    ista stvar i sa mnom - ja plava, sister crna ;-)

  4. cure, hvala vam :)
    prenijet cu komplimente sestri ;)

    cim dodjem do neke love (geez, ovo mi je postala postapalica :D ) namjeravam uzet zelene lece :)

    @nail crazy
    ja mislim da svi mogu sve boje stavljat na oci, ja sam pobornik sarenila :D


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