Week Of Halloween: Harley Quinn NOTD

Hello, guys :)

Next week is Halloween, and I can't wait :)
I don't think I'll go out to party, but I intend to make cupcakes and tea, and watch a horror movie with my boyfriend :)
I love Halloween and all the mysticism it encompasses. I love doing Halloween LOTDs, but I'm not much of a party girl so it stays inside my house.

We will kick off the season of the pumpkin with a NOTD :)

Remember Batman: The Animated Series? I loved watching it as a kid, and I'm re-watching it right now. My favorite character is Harley Quinn, she is so quirky and wacky, a total fruitcake :D

I used essence Berlin story (I love Berlin TE) and e.l.f. Light Red.
Even though I'd worn this just for a weekend, I loved it :)
I hope you'll like it, too.

Look at this last one, Seche's finish is sooo shiny and gel-like, I couldn't even take a proper photo without seeing myself in the reflection :D

I hope you like this one, because it was really fun wearing it :)

Thank you for reading,

edit: I forgot to mention that this has been my first tape mani experiment ever, and I quite like how it turned out. I used regular sticky tape, and my lines are not as even as I would like them to be, but what can you do, right? :)

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  1. very nice pro like application.thumbs up

  2. Joj, super je! Kako se Seche sjaji!!!

  3. dobra kombinacija... ma čim ima malo crne meni je super ;-D
    da, to mi zna bit koma, kad se lak tako sjaji da ga ne možeš poslikat jer sve oslikaje... to je loše samo kod slikanja, inaće predobrob :-D

  4. Lipo si to i precizno napiturala :) Ja isto nisam za neke izlaske više, više volim bit doma, a maškaram se za vrijeme maškara, ne za Noć vištica :)

    Šteta da moj dragi nije doma pa da zajendo pogledamo hororčinu..:) Uživaj uglavnom i nemoj se jako prepast :)

  5. Thank you :)
    I loved to wear this notd so much I'm thinking of doing it again, maybe as checkered mani :)

    @nail crazy
    meni se ne svidja pretjerano Seche, skupio mi je sve lakove, cak i krem lakove :/
    Inm mi je najbolji.

    moj dragi ne voli maskare ni maskaravanje, tako da vjerovatno nista od partyja.
    ali ako budem isla vani, idem kao zombi :D


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