Look at the pretty pictures (~_^)

You may be wondering where are all the promised pretty pictures...

Well, look below :D
I really didn't intend to post these photos, but when I checked them on my computer, I instantly loved this eotd.
It's really quick and simple, and I made it as an experiment.

I wanted to do a look that could be applied to wide set eyes, and I wanted to do a dark eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, transitioning to the cut-crease towards the outer corner.

I don't know would this look work for the wide set eyes, as I believe I have well proportioned eyes (considering eye placement ---wow, this explanation sounds really stupid, right?---) but I like how this turned out, and I love how the light emphasized yellow circles of my iris :)

This was a really simple, done-in-3-minutes look :)
I used essence Berlin palette and Catrice All round mascara.
I hope you like it as much as I do :)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend,

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  1. meni se sviđa :-D
    ma najbolji su najjednostavniji lookovi, bez puno kompliciranja :-)

  2. I tried this yesterday!! :) Just with different colour :) Nije ispalo baš kao tvoje, ali mi se svidjelo :) nisam nažalost slikala jer mi se žurilo, a kad sam se vratila doma više nije bilo kao na početku pa nije imalo smisla..:D Probat ću baš s crnim, jučer sam s onim smeđe-bordo sjenilom..:)

  3. hvala, cure :)

    u zadnje vrijeme su mi najzanimljiviji ovakvi jednostavni lookovi :)


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