Holiday Etsy wishlist

Hello, guys :)

Tomorrow is the first day of December, and the start of a crazy holiday shopping season :D
Therefore, I introduce you to my Etsy wishlist. Some of these things have been on my wishlist for more than a year (Jayne's Cunning hat), and some I've stumbled upon in the past few months. 

Portal Earrings

Dragon Age Grey Wardens Necklace

Reversible Lucky Octopus Earrings

Dragon Age Crest of Kirkwall Champion's Mark Necklace

Assassin's Creed Necklace

Human Heart Locket

Synapse necklace

Brain Bracelet

Cunning Jayne Hat

And the last thing on my wishlist is not of Etsy origin, but is nonetheless drool-worthy:

Sleek MakeUP The Berry Collection (pic borrowed from Killer Colours blog)

Go over to Viola's blog and check out those amazing swatches. This Collection is really a must-have, and I hope to buy it in January, for my birthday. I just hope it won't be sold out by then

Do you have a wishlist for the upcoming holidays?
What is one thing you're hoping to get for Christmas/New Year? :)

One thing before you leave: please go at the end of this post and place your vote in the poll.
And, of course, don't forget to enter my Sigma giveaway.

Thank you for reading 


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  1. Lijepe stvarčice. Sviđaju mi se "portal earrings"! Na mojoj listi je F80, neutralna paleta sjenila, Missha bb krema i hrpa lakova za nokte. :)

  2. I kod mene je Sleek na wishlisti, ali Oh so special paleta. :)

    Etsy stvarčice su cool, mada imamo totalno drugačiji ukus kad je nakit u pitanju ;)

  3. ova brain narukvica je preluda :-D
    uf, počela sam brisat wish liste, lakše mi :-(

  4. na kraju sam dobila ove Portal naušnice za imendan/Božić :ilovemyboyfriend: :D

    ne volim plasticni nakit pretjerano (uopce), ali ove akrilne gamerske stvari obozavam :D

    @nail crazy
    ma i ja stalno radim wish liste i brisem ih, pogotovo kad se radi o nakitu s eBaya :D


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