Pink lips and elusive Dragon

First of all, thank you so much for amazing birthday wishes, it was great!

This was the first birthday that I celebrated in a long time and it was a win. All of my closest friends showed up and we had a great time talking, playing Guitar Hero, eating a ton of food that I made (3 big cheesecakes for 10 people is a bit of a overkill, among other food), and I got some of the greatest presents ever :)

I will put the pictures of them in my next post, I really have to share it with you all.

This is my Saturday night make-up.

I really LOVE puting as much colors I can in my looks, and this one is no different. I'm only sad that Fyrinnae Dragonmagic doesn't photograph well. It's a beautiful dark green with green sparkles, but it is a bitch to photograph.

So instead of this blah outer v/crease color imagine green sparkly goodness and you'll know what I mean :D
Anastasia of Lipstick&Lightsabers swatched a whole pile of Fyrrinae and you can find Dragonmagic among others.

I don't use lipstick often, but I think that is going to change very soon. I discovered the most amazing lipsticks I've ever tried, and they are a bargain. Catrice absolute moisture lipsticks come in great range of colors, they condition lips very well and don't dry them out. I used Light purple (which is actually a hot pink) over a Soft fuchsia lip liner.


I don't like the look of my lips with lipstick, I look silly to myself.
What do you think, should I wear lipstick more often?

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  1. o.O Eyeshadow called Dragonmagic??! I must have it! Even if it would be a colour of a dead body, I wouldn't care! But it's acutally a gorgeous shade! Woow, must get it!
    I adore the look you did, I'll try it on as soon as I get the chance with similar colours. Love the purple lower part. And yes, woman, wear lipstick more often! If I had lips like that I'd go to bed wearing lipstick! And I so wouldn't mind more swatches of Catrice lipsticks! :)

  2. O, me veseli, da si lepo praznovala svoj rojstni dan! Mmmm, cheesecake, nom nom! :D

    MU je krasen, sploh pa ta Catrice šminka <3

  3. @Ulmiel
    Fyrinnae is one pile of pure WIN :)
    Check them out, if you haven't yet, they have a ton of geek and fantasy inspired make-up :)

    thank you for compliments, but it feels wrong to wear pink lipstick with Iron Maiden t-shirt :D

    hvala :*
    apsolutno preporucam Catrice absolute moisture, najbolji ruzevi ikad :)

  4. Your eyes are gorgeous - I need to try something like this myself. I don't wear lipstick either, but it's only because I don't what suits me. Yours looks quite natural and subtle though. I like it.

  5. Uauuu... Que linda ficou sua maquiagem!

    Wowww ... What was your gorgeous makeup!

  6. sviđaj mi se i ova kombinacija :-)
    i super ti stoji!
    ahahaha, i ti misliš da se ruž ne slaže s majcom iron maidena :-)

  7. LOL at the Iron Maiden t-shirt. :D :D Don't worry, I wear soft-colored lip-stick to black metal t-shirts, as long as I'm loving it, I don't care. ;) :D (Plus, i usually have totally black smokey eyes on my eyelids, so it is as strong as I can go. ;))

  8. @Ash-Lilly
    thank you :)
    I feel totally self-conscious while wearing lipstick, I picture myself all smudged up and clownish. But I believe the good therapy for that is wearing more lipstick until I feel at ease with it :)

    thank you :)

    @nail crazy
    hvala :)
    izgleda totalno wrong :D volim smokey eyes uz metal majice, to fenomenalno izgleda :)

    yup, smokey eyes are the best ;)
    Lately, I wear geeky t-shirts more often than metal ones, and I love to combine bright eye make up with them :D
    but I have to work on lipsticks, because now I have no excuse to buy them :D

  9. It is so nice to try for yourself what looks most beautiful on you with lipstick, and as soon you are used to put lipstick on more often you,ll become so satisfied.
    I have the book from cevin Aucoin : "making faces", if you can get that by a library or maybe buy it, you,ll discover so many posibility,s for yourself, really amazing.
    The man was a great makeup artist, such a shame that he,s dead.
    You,ll be thrilled(hope I don,t make writingmistakes, am a duth girl).
    I learned so much from what he showes in his book. My feeling is that any woman which wants to use makeup should have this book.
    Yes,I think you should try to use often a beautiful lipstick. I have not seen you, I guess you are beautiful, just give it a chance.
    regards MarjaSanne


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