Emerald sparkle


What can go better with Ruby pumps if not CG Emerald sparkle?
I love this nail polish, it's a perfect glittery green. But let's face it, every green is beautiful ;)

Što može bolje ići uz Ruby pumps od CG Emerald sparkle-a?
Obožavam ovaj lak, što ima bolje od savršenog šljokičavog zelenca? Iako je meni svaki zeleni lak prekrasan ;)

And this is how I edit my photos:
Na ovoj slici možete vidjeti kako ja editiram svoje slike:

I usually watch Castle (or some other TV show) on my computer, I edit the photos in Lightroom on my laptop and this huge cup of perfect coffee is here just for me :D

Na kompu se vrti Castle ili neka druga serija, na laptopu Lightroom sa slikama, a ova ogromna šalica kave je tu samo za mene :D

Thank you for reading.
Hvala na čitanju,


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