A make-up look to cheer me up

Hello :)

Tonight I was feeling really down (for no reason whatsoever) and decided to channel my grumpiness towards something creative :)

I first wanted to do a look with MUA palettes, and than I wanted to do a vampireish look (not the lame Twilight vampires, but something really cool, Anne Rice/True Blood-esque).
At the end I went with using mostly Geek Chic Cosmetics loose eyeshadows, and this is the end result.
As for lips, I knew I wanted to use Catrice After work wine lipstick, but I decided to use it as a stain, to keep the focus on the eyes.

Later on I decided to use it as a lipstick and when I applied it, I thought it look even better than before?
Which one do you like better? :)

This is everything that I used, except for the sample of Kanebo Water MakeUp Base (face primer), and it is amazing, hydrating and I'm definitely going to buy it, despite it's price (around 45 EUR).

That's it for today :)
At the end, I'm really happy about this make up look, and it definitely succeeded in terms of making me feel better :)

Good night, and thank you for reading :*

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  1. beautiful.You succeeded in making vampy look :D

  2. Great look, I get the true blood vibe :) And I prefer it with the bold opaque lipstick!

    1. thank you :)
      I've actually never worn this lipstick outside my house, because I thought it's too dark, but I think it's too beautiful to be confined indoors :D

  3. kako su ti obrve dobre! :eek: <3
    i super mi je mejkap, jedino mislim da bi mi mrvu bolje izgledalo da je na okama umjesto narančasto/smeđe, neka dobra crvena, bolje bi mi išlo s ružem :D :*

    1. hvala :D

      u principu je ovo ciglasto crvena koja pod daylight žaruljom i blicem izgleda narančasto :D
      tu je bolji swatch :)

      iako mislim da ću ovo ponovit sa Sugarpill crvenom :)

    2. ako je takva, još bolje! onda niš ne bi mijenjala :D :*

  4. Ti si jedna vamp žena zapravo.<3

  5. bolje mi je s ružem, super look :D

  6. Lijepo moje...
    ja sam ovaj post pokušavala komentarisati isti dan kad si ga objavila, ali mi nije išlo, i zaboravih na post poslije...
    ali moram ti reći da je ovaj look sa stained ružem odličan...


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