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Hello :)

Today I will briefly present to you my picks from the essence Wild craft TE :)

When I saw the preview of the collection I thought that the brush looked ok, but that the rest of the stuff is pretty meh. It wasn't very long until I changed my mind :D

L-R: Rosewood Hood, Out Of The Forest, Mystic Lilac

Rosewood Hood and Mystic Lilac

Look at that imprint on the eyeshadows, it's soooo beautiful :)
I seriously hesitated to disturb it, I was fascinated with those ridges.

The magnificent trio

And now the close-up :D

essence Mystic lilac

Fortunately, that delicate imprint isn't the best thing about this collection, all  three shades have buttery soft texture, and glide on beautifully. They have very good pigmentation even without the primer, as you can see on the swatch below.

L-R: Rosewood Hood, Out Of The Forest, Mystic Lilac
Rosewood Hood is a shimmery champagne-beige color, which will be great as highlight and a base color.
Out of the Forest is a goldened olive green which looks a bit brownish, depending on the lighting. It also has the least buttery texture of the three.
Mystic Lilac is a deep violet shade, and it is the most pigmented of the three. And of course, it's my favorite (who would've guessed, right? :D )

I didn't plan on getting any of the shades of nail polish from this collection but then I saw these swatches and instantly fell in love with the Rosewood Hood and Mystic Lilac.
The best thing about them? Their price -.-

I still haven't got around to actually wearing them on my nails, but I'm not really satisfied with their brush, especially the one in Mystic Lilac. It is too big and soft, and it picks up too much of the nail polish.
The only thing why I picked up Rosewood Hood is because I don't own much of the nude polishes, and I'm a bit of the hoarder. Even though I probably won't wear it but once or twice, I still had to have it.

Rosewood Hood

Mystic Lilac

I swatched them on the plastic spoons:

essence Rosewood Hood and Mystic Lilac

Have you picked up anything from this collection?
How do you like it? :)

Thank you for reading :)


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  1. Čmi ima mislim sve iz ove kolekvije i kaže da samo ta sjenila sada koristi, ja sam ovu kolekciju zaobišla, osim kista :)

    1. ja baš kist nemam :D

      nisam ga uspjela nabavit, ali sam ga pregledala kod prijateljice i nije mi se baš nešto svidio :/
      ne znam za što bi ga koristila :/

      sjenila su san snova <3

    2. eeeeeeeeeek nemam sve :D
      Nemam onaj kuki za obrve i kremasti ruž :zubo: Sjenila obožavam <3

  2. lakovi su divni, pogotovo ljubičasti, ali mi je ova četkica grozna :( namučim se jako s njom i nokti mi poslije izgledaju kao da sam ih prvi put u životu lakirala :D

    1. nisam još probala :D

      iako se kist stvarno čini katastrofa :/

  3. Ja imam ljubcibasto sjenilo i ubersuperprekul je.. I imam kistic.. koji iskreno stoji..

  4. ni vidila a kamoli nabavila :(


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