Tingly lips and first snow

I was so happy today when I looked through my window, and saw it's snowing outside 

I love the first snow, it's so pure, soft and white 

This is the photo I snapped off my balcony.

Today, I also wanted to review e.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby kiss.
First, I applied one coat of the lip plumper, because I wanted to see if it has any plumping effect on my lips.
After an hour I took another picture to compare with one of my nude lips and another one of my lips with lip plumper that I took immediately after I applied it.

Lip plumper has a very strong menthol taste, and lips do feel tingly, but I must say I didn't notice any lip plumping effect. It's not sticky, and it is a really pretty, sheer lip gloss, but you will not have bigger lips.
Also, the menthol thing is pretty annoying. I managed to get some in my eyes (don't ask) 

The colored part of Ruby kiss is a really nice red lip gloss, but it's not my favorite. It quickly wears off.

I'm not sorry that I bought it, because it's very cheap, but I would not buy it again.


"Snow! Ah, real snow. Proper snow at last!" - The Doctor, Doctor Who 

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