Gryffindor and Fairytales

I've just got back from the movies where I saw new Harry Potter movie.

I didn't expect much, but I must say I was really surprised  at how good it is. I really love it, it's true to the book, and very exciting.

I decided to do my EOTD in Gryffindor colors. I hope you'll like it 

I think I've found my favorite nail polish 
It is Once Upon a Time from the new essence Fairytale collection. It's really beautiful red with gold glitter. I love it and I feel a bit girlie wearing it 

That's it for today, I hope you like it 


"And that's for grandma, who said I'd never amount to anything more than a butterknife!" - Lilacor, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

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  1. This look is really pretty =).

    This polish is probably the only one I like from this LE =). It looks good on you =)

  2. Lo-ve it!! Yaay, another Harry Potter fan! :D I was really impressed too by them sticking to the book story that much. I think this two movies for one book is a win for story accuracy.
    The polish doesn't exactly rock my world, but it's a lovely shade of red, yes.

  3. @colorfulbottle
    Thank you :)
    It's the same thing with me, this one is really the only thing I like from this LE. I like heavily pigmented stuff, and this LE is filled with pastels.

    You, too? Whoho :D
    This movie is amazing (which is totally opposite with 6th, that one sucked soooooo bad :facepalm: )

    This is the first shade of red that I liked. I had some other red shades, but I felt "cheap", if you know what I mean. I prefer darker colors, but this one is pretty :girliegirl: :D

  4. I love the color! It suits you very, very good!! The nails are so cute :) i love Harry Potter so you nailed the Gryffindor eyes :)

  5. I love your eyes! I just saw Harry Potter, it's awesome, but I cried at the end, haha! I hate how the movie stopped like that, it has no proper end I think! It's been too long ago I read the books, so I don't really remember those...
    I like the nail polish, but I think I like flakies and duochromes more than glitters! :)

  6. Thank you, girls :)
    I really appreciate it :hug:

    I know what you mean, I totally forgot what happened in the book, so it was like watching movie without spoilers :D
    I can't wait for the next movie, but I plan to read all of the 7 books before that :)

    I like flakies and duochromes more than glitters, too, but sadly I don't own any.
    My nail stash is small, but growing :D
    I plan to buy at least one flakie (possibly Inglot one) as soon as possible, because I love them :)

  7. You have a beautiful eyes!

    And this Essence polish is fantastic! I hope I'll find this Essence LE soon...

  8. Biba, thank you :*

    This LE arrived surprisingly fast in Croatia :)
    I hope this is their new policy, I hate when we have to wait long for LEs :)


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