Thank you for being awesome :)

Hello :)

January was a really great month post-wise  but February and March are a bust. I'm having a severe case of lack of time and I really want to write high quality posts, and not just make an update for the sake of updating.

Please be patient for just a little while, as I have many great things to show you, but before I do that I need to rearrange some things in my life. It's nothing serious, but I think I'm going to need a couple of weeks for it :)

In the meantime, I plan to make regular status updates on my facebook page showing you bits and pieces of things that will be featured in my future posts, and a lot of randomness :D

When I return, you can expect a really fun make up/manicure competition and a classic random giveaway :)
I'm really excited for it, so clean up your brushes and prepare your make up for it will be truly epic ;)

For now, I leave you with this little opportunity to win two awesome nail polishes and a very sought after blusher :)
I really appreciate my readers and I would like to show my thankfulness with a mini giveaway :)
I love these products, and MNY 54 (formerly 265) is my favorite nail polish ever, as already written in this post (although I really need to post a new swatch with this nail polish as my nails look so much better than they did a year ago)

To win this prize, just fill in all the required data in the Rafflecopter.

You don't need to be follower or do any of the optional stuff, I just need your e-mail address so I can contact you, and that is the only mandatory entry.
Of course, you can do all of the other stuff for some additional entries, too.

Good luck, and you have by April 1st :)

And by the way, this giveaway is international :)
The only bad thing that could happen if someone who is not from Croatia wins, is if the Croatian postal service refuses to ship the nail polish.
If that happens, I will try to compensate you for the nail polish with some non-liquid prize :)


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  1. Nadam se da će sve biti u redu, čekamo te da se vratiš :) Btw, nagrada je super :D


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