Hello, everyone :)

Next month it will be a year since my first post, so I'm doing a small giveaway to mark that occasion.

I hope you'll like the prize :)

You can win:
  • essence Ballerina Backstage blush soufflé
  • essence Love peace and purple (You rock TE) nail polish
  • essence Blue ray (@holographics.com TE) nail polish
  • essence My yellow fellow (Blossoms TE) nail polish
  • essence Glisten up! nail polish 
  • essence Back to the 50's (50's girls reloaded TE) lipstick
  • Catrice Beam Me Scotty! (Out of Space LE) nail polish

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    Thank you so much for following and commenting :)
    Hello :)

    As many of you know, a month ago I experimented with my hair.
    I went from black to red, because I wanted to experience the red hair once more before I stop messing with my hair for good.

    I started dying my hair red when I was 13 ( my mom helped me), and my hair was red or black most of my high school days. At the first year of university, my hair was elbow-length, and I dyed the front of my hair (bangs) blood red, and the rest of it black, which was awesome :)

    The problem was that the black washed off very soon, and the red persisted so at the end of my first year uni I had terribly dry long hair with red stains ( I really hated having my hair cut, so I didn't for 10 months).
    At that moment I finally decided enough is enough, got a great haircut and a dye job at the hair salon and I was finally back to my natural hair color.

    That lasted for about 5 years, and the last summer I started to mess with my hair, again.
    I wanted to dye my hair purple without having to use bleach, but after months of experimenting with different hair colors I accepted defeat and dyed my hair black.

    Now, this is where the "before" picture was taken :)
    Sorry for the messy hair, I took this pic right before I went to bleach my hair.

    I was a real noob when it comes to bleaching my hair so I followed FaithFry's guide to soap-capping  :)

    I used 6% peroxyde because I didn't want to damage my hair more than necessary. I made the mixture, applied it, and waited for about 30 minutes, washed it off, let it dry and this was the result:

    With flash, more realistic color

    I didn't go blonde, but this was a huge success :)
    Next day I dyed my hair red, but took the picture 2 weeks after that because I forgot :D

    The only hairdresser I trust with my hair lives in my hometown, so I got a new haircut :)

    When I came back from the vacation, the color was completely washed off, and my hair had grown some more, so I had dark roots showing. I dyed my hair again with the same color but now it's much more red than before.

    Well, that's it :)
    My boyfriend loves my natural hair color and I promised him that I will stop experimenting with my hair but I love how the red hair goes with my tanned complexion :)

    Thank you for reading,

    Today I want to show you a layering experiment :)

    I applied one coat of essence Choose me over two coats of essence Once Upon a Time (Fairytale TE).
    I love layering Choose me over black, green or blue nail polish, but I was curious how it would look applied over a red one.

    This is the result:




    Blurry one to show you all the sparkles

    It's really unusual and I love it :)

    How do you like it?

    Thank you for reading,

    Hello, guys :)

    I finally went through my vacation photos, and I have another "vacation mani" post :)

    Essence Hello holo is an absolute winner. It makes any manicure last for days, without even getting a tip wear.
    I applied essence You're a heartbreaker from 50's girls reloaded TE, but it made bubbles so I had to camouflage it.
    I chose Hello holo and I must say, that was a great decision.

    The mani lasted for 6 days and the only damage was a slight chapping on my thumb and a slightest of tip wears.
    Picture spam ahead :D

    Damage 6 days after application

    Now, 6 days might not be much, I had some manis that lasted even longer, but you must take into account that this was during the summer, with hell-like temperatures, constant hand washing, sunbathing, sweating, swimming and outdoor activities :)

    The photos don't really give it justice, because this is one glitter bomb sparkly manicure, so I will upload a video of it in the next few days, so stay tuned ;)

    Thank you for reading,

    Hello, guys :)

    I'm back from my vacation, and I'm still sorting out all of my pictures so there should be more "Vacation eotd/notd" posts :)

    This one here is my latest purchase, Beam Me Scotty! of Catrice Out of Space LE. I'm not really impressed with this LE, but the minute I saw BMS (and the blue gel liner :D), I had to have it :)

    It is a one coater, if you are careful with your application, and it dries super-fast.

    I love this dull finish, it's a nice change from all the shimmer and glitter.
    The downside is that it doesn't last very long. I applied it yesterday afternoon, and by night I had some tip-wear.

    Did you buy anything from Out of Space?

    Thank you for reading,

    Hello :)

    Hope you are somewhere near the sea, enjoying the sun :)

    My second vacation manicure was e.l.f. Dark Navy topped with Inglot 205 flakie nail polish. Inglot flakies are a must have, you can see the whole range swatched here . I somehow managed to control myself and bought only 205 flakies. Stupid me, I should've bought all of them as they soon got sold out and now the Inglot store is closed 

    Inglot 205 is an amazing gold/green duochrome that shows its true potential over dark nail polish.

    (sorry for the chipped ring finger, sun and sea did they best against my nails...of course, the fact this is a three-days-old manicure didn't help :D )

    Greetings from Dubrovnik (ft. Hello holo) :)

    I've even uploaded the video to show you the true epicness of these flakies :)

    Thank you for reading,

    All images and content, unless stated otherwise, belong to me (Nic).
    So don't be a dick and steal them.
    If you do, I hope a wrath of thousands burning demon suns rain upon you.
    Have a great day.
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