Hello :)

Happy Halloween, everyone :)
I've planned to post just one more look, but then I liked the one that I have on right now, that I decided to post it here :)

I used Sugarpill Burning heart palette and fake blood I bought at Muller. It's pretty simple look, it took me 10 minutes to do it (5 of which were spent trying not to spray fake blood all over my face and clothes :D ).
I hope that you reaction to the aforementioned wasn't "It took her THAT long?!? It looks ridiculous, one could do it in 2 minutes." :D

I'm not going to any party, as my pooch is sick, but this didn't stop me from putting some make-up on :D
After I write this post, I'm going to play some Fallout 3:)
I already look like I survived an encounter with super mutant brutes :D

I forgot to mention, for the eye make-up, I took some water and smudged eyeshadow and mascara that I've had  since this morning on.

My boyfriend took these photos, and he was very uncomfortable with it because it looked to real to him, so I guess I did something right :D

Thank you for reading,
Hello :)

Tomorrow is Halloween and I have two more looks for you :)

Today I will show you the look inspired by Poison Ivy. I say "inspired" because I didn't try to recreate her Batman: TAS/Batman & Robin/comics likeness, instead I've put my own spin to it :)

Poison Ivy, Batman: The Animated Series
I used a whole bunch of products for this one, and I forgot to write them down, but this amazing gold eyeshadow is Sugarpill Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow I got as a sample with my Burning Heart palette. It is the goldest gold of all time :) I mean, just look at this beauty (the gold eyeshadow, not me :D )

My Yellow Fellow makes an appearance
I hope you like it :)

Btw. sorry for the such small amount of text, I'm so tired, I can't even think straight, and I want to post this today so I can do another post tomorrow :/

Thank you for reading,
Hello, guys :)

We continue the Week of Halloween witk Harley Quinn FOTD :)
Harley is blonde and has blue eyes, so let's pretend that it doesn't matter and just focus on the make-up :D

I didn't have any white face paint so I used e.l.f. concealer and e.l.f tinted moisturizer. I hoped that would wash my face out enough, so when I take photo with flash on, it would make my face look as white as possible.

I really should buy some white face paint :facepalm:

For the eye-mask I used NYX black bean jumbo pencil, and essence Black Out black eyeshadow. I applied Nyx black bean on my lips and set it with Sugarpill Poison plum.

This looks like a pretty simple look to recreate, but applying so much black pencil and eyeshadow is a bitch. It took me at least 45 minutes to do it. And don't even make me start on the fallout from the black eyeshadow. Of course that I decided to put the foundation on before I did my eyes :doublefacepalm:

I'm not overly satisfied with this one, because it wasn't as neat and tidy as I wanted it to be, but hey, Harley IS a bit wacky and looney, so I doubt she would be tidy with her application, right? :crossingfingers: :D

I hope you like it :)

Thank you for reading,
Hello, guys :)

Next week is Halloween, and I can't wait :)
I don't think I'll go out to party, but I intend to make cupcakes and tea, and watch a horror movie with my boyfriend :)
I love Halloween and all the mysticism it encompasses. I love doing Halloween LOTDs, but I'm not much of a party girl so it stays inside my house.

We will kick off the season of the pumpkin with a NOTD :)

Remember Batman: The Animated Series? I loved watching it as a kid, and I'm re-watching it right now. My favorite character is Harley Quinn, she is so quirky and wacky, a total fruitcake :D

I used essence Berlin story (I love Berlin TE) and e.l.f. Light Red.
Even though I'd worn this just for a weekend, I loved it :)
I hope you'll like it, too.

Look at this last one, Seche's finish is sooo shiny and gel-like, I couldn't even take a proper photo without seeing myself in the reflection :D

I hope you like this one, because it was really fun wearing it :)

Thank you for reading,

edit: I forgot to mention that this has been my first tape mani experiment ever, and I quite like how it turned out. I used regular sticky tape, and my lines are not as even as I would like them to be, but what can you do, right? :)

You may be wondering where are all the promised pretty pictures...

Well, look below :D
I really didn't intend to post these photos, but when I checked them on my computer, I instantly loved this eotd.
It's really quick and simple, and I made it as an experiment.

I wanted to do a look that could be applied to wide set eyes, and I wanted to do a dark eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye, transitioning to the cut-crease towards the outer corner.

I don't know would this look work for the wide set eyes, as I believe I have well proportioned eyes (considering eye placement ---wow, this explanation sounds really stupid, right?---) but I like how this turned out, and I love how the light emphasized yellow circles of my iris :)

This was a really simple, done-in-3-minutes look :)
I used essence Berlin palette and Catrice All round mascara.
I hope you like it as much as I do :)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend,

Hello, guys :)

I must admit I'm a color snob. I 'd always thought I'd never paint my nails pastels, pink, brown or yellow.

I present you essence My Yellow Fellow Smiley

First time I saw this one in store I thought "No way I'm buying this one."
Second time it was "Meh, it's yellow."
Third time was like "Maybe it will suit me? No?"
After that I saw swatches on the net and I knew it must be mine Smiley
When I went to the store for the fourth time, there was no yellow polish left Smiley
Of course, at that moment I thought I'm going to cry, but luckily after scouring the drugstores I manage to grab two bottles of MYF, one for the giveaway, and one just for myself  Smiley

That was the story, and now onto the opinion.
I like the color and the opacity, but I don't think I'll be wearing this one very often. Something just doesn't feel right, having my nails painted yellow Smiley

Well, that's it from me tonight, gotta go do some laundry :D

Thank you for reading,
Hello, guys :)

I apologize for not writing, I'm still getting used to a complete lack of a free time, because of my new job. I thought I'll get it all done on weekend, but I failed :(

Tonight, I finally organized my photos, and I have enough material for at least 12 posts :yaaay:

This one is from the archives. Remember this post?

In it, I posted these photos:

A few days after taking these, I'd done the same eotd on my little sister, who has blue eyes and blonde hair. Seriously, people never believe we're related to one another :facepalm:

Please ignore the eyebrows, I suck at that area :D
I didn't know what color to use to fill them, so I left them as they were.

Yup, that's my little sis! 
She is gorgeous, and I love her eyes, they are so deep and dreamy.

How do you like it?
Do you like these colors more on brown or blue eyes? I personally love them on both :)

Thank you for reading,
Hi, guys :)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've got a job :yaaaay:
As it's a desk job with a lot of meetings, I'm keeping my make-up as plain as possible. I only use mascara, concealer and blush, so I have nothing to post :(

I plan to do a lot of makeuping over the weekend, and I'll try to do scheduled posts so you'll have a reason to stop by :D

Here's a one of my looks I did a few weeks ago, but never posted.

I used Sugarpill's Love+ as a liner in this otherwise nude look :)

I hope you like it :)

As soon as I stop being a FNG at work, I plan to do more colorful looks, but for now I'm laying low :D

Thank you for stopping by,
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So don't be a dick and steal them.
If you do, I hope a wrath of thousands burning demon suns rain upon you.
Have a great day.
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